No Dolphins today: Five games to watch

Dolphins helmet - Image by Brian Miller
Dolphins helmet - Image by Brian Miller /
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The Miami Dolphins will not play today or at all this weekend but the NFL will still open it’s doors to millions of football fans across the country as it kicks-off opening weekend.

It is a bitter pill to swallow but much easier to fathom now when the realization sets in that Miami will not play. Many have voiced their opinions on why the Dolphins game should have been moved but today is not a day that anyone wants to think about football if they have been displaced from South Florida. How would the players handle it? A distraction from reality perhaps?

For Miami it won’t matter and for the tens of thousands who will not have power to watch a game, it won’t matter too much for them today or in the coming days. For the rest of us who are without Miami Dolphins football to kick-off the season, there are some games that are worth watching.

Perhaps nothing will compare to the Thursday night opener of the season when the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Patriots with a 42 point drop but the remaining games should still hold some intrigue.

New York Jets and Buffalo Bills

Why is this game intriguing? It’s not unless you’re a Miami Dolphins fan. In some way you want to root for the Jets in this but rooting for the Jets is like cheating on your spouse with a Patriots fan. Then again, rooting for the Bills is just as bad.

This game should give some indication on how bad the Jets will be and if the Bills have any hope this year. Both teams have dismantled in some form but the Jets blew their team up from the inside out. It might make for an entertaining mid-afternoon comedy show.

The Dolphins will face the Jets in New York two weeks from today and there are still questions about who will be the starting quarterback. Today may not decide that.