No Dolphins today: Five games to watch

Dolphins helmet - Image by Brian Miller
Dolphins helmet - Image by Brian Miller /
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Oakland Raiders and Tennessee Titans

Believe it or not Nashville is in the path of Hurricane Irma and while she will no longer be a hurricane, Nashville will still feel the impacts when she is downgraded to a tropical storm. That is how  big this storm is. Of course the Titans need to worry about a very potent Raiders offense that sees the return of up and coming star, Derek Carr.

This game could have late season implications as both teams could be fighting for a Wild Card spot and believe it or not this week one match could determine an elimination scenario. It’s hard to talk about something that is still 16 weeks away but it is true.

Marcus Mariota missed a lot of 2016 and his promising career looks to get back on track as well. Both teams are developing quickly and both teams were in the hunt for the playoff spot the Dolphins got last year.