No Dolphins today: Five games to watch

Dolphins helmet - Image by Brian Miller
Dolphins helmet - Image by Brian Miller /
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NEW ORLEANS, LA – AUGUST 31: Lorenzo Taliaferro
NEW ORLEANS, LA – AUGUST 31: Lorenzo Taliaferro /

Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals and Ravens, like the Cowboys and Giants don’t hold much in terms of late season implications but the team that loses here could find themselves in a battle later in the season for a Wild Card spot and this is where, for the Dolphins, interest comes into play.

Both teams expect to battle for the division, a division that will likely be controlled by the Steelers. A loss today doesn’t hurt either team but it is one of those losses that will sting. Both teams are trying to get back to the post-season.

In 2016 the Ravens took a big step back as did the Bengals but both teams have solid talent, especially the Bengals who need to get back to finishing strong. The Ravens still have holes and their wide-receiver depth is nothing special which could be problematic throughout the season whereas the Bengals have solid receivers and one of the best in the game, A.J. Green.

Can either team make the leap to compete with the Steelers who open today against the Browns? Hard to say but this game should still be a good one to watch.