Miami Dolphins still don’t know about Hard Rock Stadium damage

Hurricane Irma floods surrounding area around Hard Rock Stadium - Image courtesy of EpochTimes
Hurricane Irma floods surrounding area around Hard Rock Stadium - Image courtesy of EpochTimes /

The Miami Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel spent part of Sunday “tweeting” images of Hurricane Irma hitting Hard Rock Stadium. From a security camera capture.

Those images included the raised bronze arm of Dan Marino and the steely back of Dolphins founder Joe Robbie. Standing tall and unphased by the storm raging around him. Across the images and video were high winds and driving rains. Down palm trees were easily seen. The Dolphins had just completed phase four of renovations that included a make-over to the parking areas around the stadium.

Now they have to wait to see how much damage has been done. According to a team source via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, it might be a little longer.

The Dolphins won’t play in Hard Rock Stadium until October when they return home to face the Tennessee Titans in week five of the season. They are on the road this week in Los Angeles and will practice in Oxnard, Ca. at the Dallas Cowboys training center. They will travel to New York a week later and then to London to face the Saints.

There is no word currently on the status of the Dolphins training center either but it is expected to have at least seen a lot of flooding. A previous normal South Florida storm had flooded surrounding land immediately adjacent to the practice field. The Dolphins deflated the practice bubble ahead of the storm.

For now, like all of Florida it’s a wait and see kind of deal. There has been little reporting out of the Florida Keys and Miami as well. The Dolphins will find out soon enough how their multi-million dollar stadium renovations held up. The stadium renovations were built to withstand a category four storm. Irma was a Cat-4 by the time she arrived.

As Floridians and the Dolphins begin to assess the damage the Dolphins players will begin getting ready for the Chargers next Sunday. The players will return to practice on Tuesday with an actual practice to be held on Wednesday.

Note: Featured image courtesy of EpochTimes.