Dolphins Lawrence Timmons not with the team

BALTIMORE, MD - NOVEMBER 6: Inside linebacker Lawrence Timmons
BALTIMORE, MD - NOVEMBER 6: Inside linebacker Lawrence Timmons /

The Miami Dolphins have a game in a few hours but their starting linebacker, Lawrence Timmons is nowhere to be seen.

Lawrence Timmons was a big linebacker signing for the team this off-season. His run-stopping ability was a big plus for a team who is trying to get off the bottom of the NFL rankings. Timmons was supposed to do that. Now, the Dolphins don’t actually know where he is.

Timmons had joined the team in Oxnard, Ca. ahead of today’s game but now it is being reported on social media that Timmons is not with the club although it is now reported the team knows where he is at.

The above tweet by La Canfora sent Miami Dolphins fans up a wall questioning whether or not he meant to say “unknown” rather than “known”. A short while ago Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel tweeted that Timmons is indeed not with the team but they do know where he is at.

This is problematic since there is a game at 4:00. Obviously there is some sort of issue going on with Timmons that we do not know about. It would be fair to remain cautious about the reason before over-reacting takes control.

Another tweet appeared on twitter that Timmons went AWOL on Saturday and that the team has been trying to locate him.

Another tweet says they do know where he is at.  Making this entire ordeal something far out of the norm.

The Dolphins looked at Timmons as a starting option in part due to his consistency. Timmons has 101 consecutive starts and posted more than 100 tackles in 2016. Of course the next question is why did he leave the team and where is he at?

For now those are not answers we know but we will let you know as soon as more information becomes available.