Miami Dolphins fans are ready: “It’s about time!”

Dolphins fans are ready for some football outside of Hard Rock Stadium: Image by Brian Miller
Dolphins fans are ready for some football outside of Hard Rock Stadium: Image by Brian Miller /

The Miami Dolphins are not the only ones ready to see some action. Miami Dolphins fans are ready as well. Social media is alive and thriving this morning with calls of “It’s about time”.

After Hurricane Irma ruined the Dolphins home opener the Dolphins and their fanbase have had to wait another week to see some real game action. Miami hasn’t played a meaningful game since their early exit from the post-season when they lost to the Steelers in round one of the playoffs.

With almost a month since pre-season concluded, Dolphins fans are rabid for some football. Of course their wait will take a little longer as the Dolphins won’t play until 4:05 this afternoon.

@finatic413 isn’t the only one who has had to wait. His man-cave sitting empty while his television plays other games. All around social media fans are getting pumped up for today’s regular season debut.

Landry could play a huge role in today’s game but remember, Jay Cutler is a different quarterback than Ryan Tannehill so it is possible that he attacks with the outside receivers more than he will with Landry in the slot.

Another poster, Vero Delfino, @DolphinsRuleAll has a fan meter up on his Twitter account that obviously has the needle off the chart.

Hurricane Irma has left many without power, even today. One of our own staff members reported to me earlier via cell phone that his power still is not on at his house and the heat is unreal. Today’s game could give the Dolphins fans something to cheer about. A break from the abnormal circumstances of the last week. In fact, it’s hard to believe it has only been a week. An eternity I am sure for others.

Our good friend Lisa Johnson who lives just North of Miami up the I-95 corridor and is one of the personalites on the NFLFemale podcast, posted a simple tweet that in reality sums up a lot of South Floridians today.

Well, maybe not for all of them, but football is back and it comes at a time when it might just be a welcome distraction.