Opinion: Lawrence Timmons was late for a meeting

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - DECEMBER 23: Dimitri Patterson
MIAMI GARDENS, FL - DECEMBER 23: Dimitri Patterson /

The Miami Dolphins are not talking about Lawrence Timmons and Lawrence Timmons isn’t talking either. No one seems to know exactly what is going on because neither party is leaking information to the media.

During today’s 3:00 p.m. press conference with the media, Adam Gase didn’t give any indication that he was going to share what he did know. Instead Gase concentrated on those that were actually playing on Sunday. Gase told the members of the media that he didn’t know if Timmons was even in the building.

Gase said he had two rules. “Be on time and play hard”.

This is where my opinion and summation to the events come in. This is not anything I know for certain. It’s simply a guess so to speak. It’s putting two and two and two together. And where I will in the end likely be gone.

So the Dolphins began practicing last Tuesday and Timmons left the team on Saturday. So what happened between Tuesday and Saturday? What happened that has Adam Gase so upset that he won’t address the issue? Many believe that it is potentially a personal issue and it very well could be. Timmons reportedly needs to see a doctor and was supposed to see one today.

All that being said, what if Timmons was late to a meeting? We already know he plays hard but if he had missed a meeting or was really late is out of the realm of possibility that Gase would have said, “Hey LT you are not starting this weekend. Next time, be on time”.

This could have started a chain of events that led to Timmons to leave the team on Saturday. He had a 101 start streak going. The longest in the NFL for a front seven defender. It likely meant something to him and as a veteran he may have felt he deserved a break. Gase doesn’t give too many breaks as we learned last year with Jay Ajayi and Byron Maxwell.

So Timmons leaves “angry” Gase makes the decision not to play him and thus sets a larger example and refuses to discuss the incident with the media because it is an internal issue.

Granted I know nothing about this situation nor do I know why he would need to see a doctor unless he really exploded in anger. It’s simply a guess, an uneducated one I assure you. I figured since enough people were placing blame and making up their own summations then why not give it a go.

So no, do not consider this anything more than what it is. A possibility based on an opinion or a train of thought.