DolfansNYC breaks 1,000 ticket sales for Dolphins at Jets

MetLifeTakeover 2015 - Image courtesy of: DolfansNYC
MetLifeTakeover 2015 - Image courtesy of: DolfansNYC /

The MetLifeTakeover event is coming quickly and when the Miami Dolphins visit the New York Jets this Sunday, they will have a cheering section of more than a thousand.

CORRECTION: The information provided earlier regarding the tailgate party was innacurate. There is no charge to enjoy the tailgate party. The charge is for those who want to have refreshments, beverages, alcohol, and food provided by the caterer. The lot area is open to everyone who wants to come and join the pre-game party!

UPDATE: The tickets through MetLifeTakeover and DolfansNYC have now been sold out. You will need to purchase your game tickets from another vendor.

Our friends over at DolfansNYC announced on Twitter that they have crossed the 1,000 ticket threshold. In fact they are still taking orders for the game even this weekend and are looking at buying out another row.

The 1,000 fans will all be in the same location taking it over from Jets fans. More Dolphins fans will be spread around the stadium as well as many others have said they have purchased tickets on their own.

For the MetLifeTakeover however the party begins on Saturday night. Whether you purchased tickets from DolfansNYC or not, Slattery’s Mid-Town Pub in Mid-Town Manahattan will host a pre-party Saturday night. The home of DolfansNYC is open to everyone and yes, I can confirm you can bring your kids.

On Sunday morning busses will leave Slattery’s carrying a throng of Dolphins fans who purchased bus fare to the game. Arriving around 8:00 a.m. at Metlife Stadium. A tailgate party will be held in the bus area for anyone who wants to stop by. A special catering is also provided with a cost. You can find out about that by clicking the link below.

As the game approaches, a thousand Dolphins fans will reign down on the stadium and chants of “Let’s go Dolphins” will reign down from the upper deck onto the field below. Making Metlife seem more like a home game than an away game for the Dolphins.

This will be my first MetLife Takeover event so please find me and say hello. Next week I will post 360* VR videos on my Phinatics360 Youtube channel so you can see and hear the sounds of the “Takeover”.

It is not too late to join us in New York. For more information go to DolfansNYC or to buy tickets to the game or tickets for the food and beverages go to

And we, will see you, there!