Dolphins don’t watch film of loss to Jets


Not too surprising, the Dolphins did not watch film of Sunday’s ugly loss to the New York Jets.

A lot has gone wrong for the Miami Dolphins since the start of training camp, but no one expected less than a season sweep of the New York Jets this season. Viewed as one of the worst teams in the NFL, the Jets were projected by many to not win a single game this year. After the Jets whooped Miami senseless on Sunday, however, neither of those will come true.

Just yesterday morning I posted a piece about how the Dolphins are good enough to win without playing well. What happened on Sunday, however, was an embarrassment. Miami’s loss was easily their worst since last December when they lost to the Ravens 38-6 in Baltimore. This one feels a lot worse though as the Dolphins were simply dominated on both sides of the ball by a team they should be much better than.

Normally on days following a game, the Dolphins sit down as a team to watch film and breakdown what went right and wrong. According to S Reshad Jones, this time the Dolphins didn’t watch film.

"(So when you guys looked at the tape today what did it show?) – “We didn’t watch film today.”(You didn’t watch it?) – “Yes.”"

For anyone who has ever been on the wrong end of a lopsided game at any level should know that this comes as no surprise. Coaches want to move past, and more importantly, their players to move past what just happened. Breaking down the entire game doesn’t make it easier, and is not likely to accomplish much.

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The Dolphins now set their focus on London and the New Orleans Saints. There’s no doubt that the loss to the Jets was a setback, but Miami can bounce back with a win in their first official ‘home’ game. Below is the full transcript from Jones’ interview and is courtesy of

Monday, September 25, 2017

S Reshad Jones

(So when you guys looked at the tape today what did it show?) – “We didn’t watch film today.”

(You didn’t watch it?) – “Yes.”

(Any thoughts on what may have gone wrong yesterday?) – “They just outplayed us. All three phases of the game – offense, special teams, defense – they just outplayed us.”

(How do you kind of just flush that one out and say we know we’re not this team? Can you just move past that?) – “I mean it’s a tough league to win in. It’s a division opponent at (their) home. Like I said, they just found a way to win the game and we didn’t.”

(Do you think this team is road weary?) – “Not at all. We just need to go back to doing us, playing our style of football, and I think we’ll be fine.”

(So the idea of getting on a plane going to London this week?) – “No. No matter where you line the ball up, I think we’ll be ready to play.”

(Did you guys meet with the head coach yet today?) – “No.”

(Do you think that President Trump’s comments brought you guys closer together? Is it a unifying factor to have a statement like that made and directed at you guys?) – “I’m really not worried about the President’s commenting and all that’s going on right now. I’m here to play football and help the Miami Dolphins win football games.”

(Statistically, the defense didn’t look that it did that badly. How do you square that with what happened out there yesterday?) – “We did do bad. We didn’t win the game. We didn’t do enough to win a football game, so anytime we lose, there’s no moral victories. We’ve got to find a way to re-group and get better.”

(By and large, are you pleased with how you’ve played coming back from the shoulder and all that?) – “I think I’m playing solid, but I’ve got to do more. We’ve got to continue to win football games. It’s about winning around here and I think I’ve just got to do more.”

(Did you have to get a few hits into it before you felt normal again?) – “Not really. I’m not thinking about it, so it’s cool.”