Dolphins Chris Foerster snorting video will have consequences

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - AUGUST 31: The helmet of Jakeem Grant
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - AUGUST 31: The helmet of Jakeem Grant /

The Miami Dolphins won on Sunday despite a flat offensive performance yet again. However it may be the teams offensive line coach who is serious trouble after an incriminating video release.

Miami has told the press they are aware of a video that shows the teams offensive line coach Chris Foerster snorting a “white powder” through a rolled bill. It’s unconfirmed what the powder is exactly but it doesn’t appear this will end good.

In the video, posted below, Foerster is seen talking to the camera about someone he misses as he draws lines into his nose.

The NFL will most assuredly investigate the issue and the Dolphins have a decision to make. Former Oline coach Jim Turner was let go after the “Bully-gate” incident but this will likely get a swifter action that will not likely end with a simple suspension.

It’s being reported that Foerster set the video to a stripper who is claiming to have released it due to the racial issues surrounding the NFL at the moment. has said she released it due to “racial culture”.

This is yet another problem for the Dolphins who have weathered Hurricane Irma, literally, the loss of a home game, London, postponement of their opener, a myriad of injuries including to their starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill, and now this.

It’s hard to imagine Foerster having a job in the coming days. The video broke late last night, Sunday, following the Dolphins win against the Titans at home. The team is investigating and it will likely come to a swift conclusion.

Foerster has been in trouble before but much of those troubles were stemmed from speculation and rumors and nothing directly led to his firing that we are aware of and those issues won’t be discussed here directly.

The Dolphins have been flat on offense and the offensive line has not played well even with the entire line healthy. That is on the shoulders of Foerster. Whether this problem has carried over to the team is not known. The NFL will also get involved as well and Stephen Ross who typically stays out of the football side of his ownership will have questions for Mike Tannenbaum.

It will be surprising if Foerster can survive this. Both in Miami and the NFL. If the powder is indeed illicit and illegal, he may find it hard to get another job in the NFL.