Reasons for Dolphins trade of Ajayi becoming more clear

The Dolphins Jay Ajayi before a game at Hard Rock Stadium - Image by Brian Miller
The Dolphins Jay Ajayi before a game at Hard Rock Stadium - Image by Brian Miller /

The Miami Dolphins surprised a lot of fans and players on Tuesday when they sent Jay Ajayi to the Philadelphia Eagles. Many are still wondering why the trade happened. They shouldn’t.

Ajayi was a strong runner for the Dolphins, specifically in 2016 when he ran for over 1,000 yards on the season and had three 200 yard games on the season. Despite his ability to run the football something wasn’t right when the team wasn’t on the field.

It was reported on Tuesday that Ajayi had some heated comments for the coaching staff the last few weeks. Some of those heated altercations came following Dolphins wins when Ajayi felt he wasn’t getting enough carries. It was also reported that Ajayi would often do his own thing after getting the ball instead of hitting the designed holes.

Now to be fair, people can say whatever they want but there has not been many holes for Ajayi to run through this year. Compliments of the inept offensive line. Despite that fact it was still a point of contention.

After speaking with someone close there has been talk of Ajayi wandering in a little late to meetings, being unprepared, and focusing more on his own personal life outside of football rather than doing his due diligence before the games. In other words, not studying at home. Ajayi launched a new clothing line this year as well.

One Dolphins fan points out on Twitter that Jay Ajayi is promoting himself by posting his contact information for appearances.

Now to be fair, there is nothing wrong with doing that but when it is added to all of the other “talk” of his non-interest in being all-in with the team, things become a little clearer as to why he may not be in Miami anymore.

Most NFL coaches will tolerate outside in-season influences but they also expect that during the season they handle the business of football first and foremost and most NFL football players put the game before their personal endorsements until the season has ended. Again, this is not a knock on players that do not wait it out. Yet when it starts to interfere with their real job then it should be a problem.

This situation could also shed some light on the future of Jarvis Landry. Landry recently launched a clothing line as well. He also cut a rap album, his first, that will be out soon. It’s unknown when he cut the album exactly.

The point is Adam Gase wants his players engaged into what they are trying to accomplish and some of them obviously are not. For Ajayi, it cost him his job in Miami and while he may flourish with the Eagles his behaviour could impact his next contract at the very least it will keep some teams away.

This really is nothing more than a final note on why Ajayi may have been traded and the Dolphins are probably better off for it.