Fellow Miami Dolphins fan could use our help

If there is one thing Miami Dolphins fans can say about each other is “we got your back”. Dolphins fans are a rather rare breed that is far more than simply rooting for a franchise.

Over the years Dolphins fans have come together when others need them the most. We lift each other up and help each other rebuild after hurricanes, DolfansNYC’s charity initiatives have grown so much that they average $4-5 thousand dollars a year in donations to the Miami Dolphins foundation and so much more.

Now another fan needs our help.

Bradly Coots is a Dolphins fan and a member of PhinFever.com Coots is also a great guy that I had the chance to meet in Miami last October. And I met his dog Mike as well. See this is where he needs our help and trust me, he isn’t asking for it.

Coots suffers a degenerative retinal disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa. RP has no cure and Bradley has lived with it most of his life as his vision has gotten worse. Now there is a bit of hope but like all things medical, it’s costly.

Bradly is seeing specialists for eSight Eyewear and is trying to get a pair of the eSight glasses. What the glasses do is simple. It take what we normally see and condenses that picture into an image that fits in the visual range of Mr. Coots. Currently that central range is an 8% field of vision.

As I said, Brad is a really down to Earth guy who doesn’t use this situation as an opportunity but it does give us an opportunity to give something back to one of our own.

Help him out. His wife has started a GoFundMe page with the hopes of making it to $8000.00. Yes the glasses cost that much but imagine if it was us who were losing our sight. Taking in the last years of seeing our loved ones. We can help fend this off for a lot longer.