Jimmy Johnson only Dolphins on HOF finalist list

Jimmy Johnson and Jason Taylor unveil the JT HOF bust in Canton, Oh. - Image by Brian Miller
Jimmy Johnson and Jason Taylor unveil the JT HOF bust in Canton, Oh. - Image by Brian Miller /

The Miami Dolphins have one shot at getting recognition on Hall of Fame weekend in August. Former head coach Jimmy Johnson.

Say what you want about Jimmy but if he goes into the Hall of Fame it won’t be as a Dolphins coach. He will go in as a Cowboy. His time with the Dolphins is notable for one thing. A 67-7 playoff exit that ended both his and Dan Marino’s career.

The HOF announced the finalists for this years list of inductees as they cut down from the nearly 100 players that were originally nominated. No Richmond Webb, no Zach Thomas, no Bob Kuenchenberg.

Tony Boselli who will likely be inducted this year shared his gratitude and the list of finalists.

Blame the media. Sorry but it is true. The media that control who gets in and who gets nominated is a farce these days. A popularity contest among players and a pompous group of ego’s who think they no best. They don’t.

Bob Kuechenberg is probably the best offensive lineman in NFL history that his not in the HOF. Want to know why? Because he doesn’t play nice with the media. Never did. Some in the media will talk about his DUI arrest or how his life at one point took a turn for the worst but they will turn around and say Ray Lewis’ pre-Super Bowl gun/murder investigation/incident is nothing.

Richmond Webb is deserving as well. He handled the blind side for one of the most prolific passers in NFL history. The voters will tell you that he did a great job but that it was because Dan Marino was so good that Webb looked better than he actually was. It didn’t matter that he kep HOF DE Bruce Smith to only 10 sacks in his career against him.

It is still a little early for Zach Thomas. No one thought he would be a first or even a second ballot Hall of Famer. Thomas’ biggest obstacle will be the number of players coming eligible for induction and his numbers, while worthy of the HOF, often are less noticeable than those players who won championships. Another feather that the voting media like to tickle themselves with.

So no Dolphins this year and it will only get harder the longer those who are worthy continue to wait. With a decade long relevance drought, the Dolphins may not have another player selected for the HOF in the next decade. Maybe more.