Who Dolphins fans should root for: week 15


After losing five games in a row and falling to 4-7 on the season it looked like Miami’s season was over. However, two straight wins has the Dolphins still in the playoff picture with three games to go. Here’s who Miami fans should root for in week 15.

The AFC playoff picture currently looks like this:

  1. Pittsburgh (11-2)
  2. New England (10-3)
  3. Jacksonville (9-4)
  4. Kansas City (8-6)
  5. Tennessee (8-5)
  6. Buffalo (7-6)
  7. Baltimore (7-6)
  8. LA Chargers (7-7)
  9. Oakland (6-7)
  10. Miami (6-7)
  11. NY Jets (5-8)
  12. Cincinnati (5-8)
  13. Denver (5-9)
  14. Houston (4-9)
  15. Indianapolis (3-11)
  16. Cleveland (0-13)

Obviously, the top six teams in the AFC make the playoffs, with the five and six seeds being the Wild Card spots. Every scenario where the Dolphins could sneak in the playoffs involves Miami winning out so keep that in mind when reading this.

Here are the matchups in the AFC this Sunday

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans – Jaguars

Miami wants Jacksonville to win this game because that would put them one step closer to winning the AFC South. The Dolphins would much rather have Jacksonville win the South than the Tennessee Titans because Miami has the head-to-head tiebreaker with Tennessee (more on this later).

Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens –  Browns

This one is pretty straight forward. The Browns need to shock the world and win a game. A Baltimore loss and a Miami win means they would each have a 7-7 record.

Baltimore still owns the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Dolphins, so the Ravens would still be ahead in the AFC unless three teams sit at 7-7.

If there are three or more teams with a 7-7 record at the end of the week, there are multiple scenarios where Miami could have the playoff spot at the end of the week.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Cincinnati Bengals – Vikings

The Bengals loss to the Bears last week pretty much eliminated them from playoff contention, but one more loss will officially eliminate Cincinnati from the playoff picture in the AFC.

New Orleans Saints vs. NY Jets – Saints

The Jets are all but eliminated as well with a 5-8 record. A loss to the Saints would guarantee a losing record for the Jets, and officially put them out of the playoff picture. Plus, who doesn’t love when the Jets lose.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Tennessee Titans – 49ers

This one is a big one for the Dolphins. The scenario that no one seems to be talking about is how tough Tennessee’s final two games are. The Titans play the Rams and the Jaguars to close out the year.

They could easily lose both of those games, but just in-case they win one, a 49ers upset here would be huge.

Basically, if Tennessee loses two of their last three games and Miami wins out, the Dolphins are in.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New England Patriots – Patriots

It is cringe worthy, but Miami fans should want the Patriots to win here. If the Pats lose and Jacksonville wins this weekend then New England will fall to the three seed in the AFC.

We all know the three seed plays the six spot in the first round of the playoffs. If Miami squeaks into that last playoff spot, they would much rather play Jacksonville than New England in the first round.

Oakland Raiders vs. Dallas Cowboys – Cowboys

The only thing that prevents the Dolphins from making the playoffs if the Titans lose twice and the Dolphins win out is if Oakland wins out. Miami just needs the Raiders to lose once in the next three weeks for Oakland to no longer be in their way.

That is all the games that have playoff implications for the Dolphins this week. Again, despite winning two in a row, Miami sneaking into the playoffs is a long shot. But if the Dolphins win out, they have a chance.