A look at the quarterbacks the Miami Dolphins could have had since 2001

BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 4: Quarterback Ryan Tannehill
BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 4: Quarterback Ryan Tannehill /
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CHARLOTTE, NC – DECEMBER 17: Aaron Rodgers
CHARLOTTE, NC – DECEMBER 17: Aaron Rodgers /

Aaron Rodgers

From 2002 to 2004 the Dolphins were only in a position to really draft Matt Schaub who was taken by Atlanta in the 3rd round. Schaub had a decent career but mainly as a back-up and against Miami. In 2005 however the Dolphins had the 2nd overall pick in the draft and selected Ronnie Brown.

Saban needed a quarterback but opted to trade for Daunte Culpepper ahead of the draft. That meant Miami didn’t have a need to draft Aaron Rodgers in the first round. His slide into the mid-20’s was surprising but the Dolphins, had they not chosen to trade for Culpepper could have traded down and gained more picks and drafted a quarterback who would still be leading the franchise today.

Brady Quinn, John Beck, and Drew Stanton

In 2007 the Dolphins had standout Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn in their laps but opted instead for Ted GInn, Jr. and his entire family. (That still doesn’t get old). Quinn would drop to Cleveland later in round one and would become a bust as many Brown’s quarterbacks often do. What career could Quinn have had if he had been drafted by another team? That will never be known and it could very well have turned out exactly the same.

Years later Quinn would be signed as a back-up quarterback by the Dolphins but by then his career was in shambles, ruined by his time in Cleveland. Ginn on the other hand lasted two seasons and was gone, traded under the Parcells era. Ironically, Quinn is far removed from the NFL and Ginn, Jr. is still putting up receptions and running for the NFL sidelines.

In that same season Miami’s duo of dumb Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller opted for little John Beck who looked more lost at quarterback than just about any player to have played the position. He lasted one season in Miami. The Dolphins could have drafted Drew Stanton in round two instead. Stanton hasn’t had a solid career as he has been a back-up almost the entire time but he will start this week for the Arizona Cardinals.