Dolphins fans and AFC East wondering if the end is near for Patriots’ Camelot

A football sits on the turf at Hard Rock Stadium during a Dolphins game. - image by Brian Miller
A football sits on the turf at Hard Rock Stadium during a Dolphins game. - image by Brian Miller /

Miami Dolphins fans, at least the ones on social media, are buzzing about a new report by ESPN that says the NFL’s version of Camelot is breaking and could fall at any time.

Of course we mean the New England Patriots. So what is going on with the Patriots? For those of you who are not on social media or have begun their removal from the sport on a daily basis now that the season is over for the Dolphins, let us direct you to that ESPN article. Read it here. 

For those looking for more of a “cliff-note” reading, here is the gist. After 17 years of winning the trio of Bob Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady are apparently at a crossroads. Brady has some outside nutrition guy that Bill Belichick wants nothing to do with or around his team. Brady wants the players to go to him instead of the trainers without coming out and saying it.

Belichick put his foot down and said this guy can’t come around. Brady apparently went to Kraft and told Kraft he wanted Jimmy Garropolo to be traded. Kraft told Belichick to do it. Belichick didn’t want to but Kraft made him.

So in a rather small peanut shell that is what is going on in New England. Read the article it is very interesting how all of this came to a head.

Now here we are two days removed from the publishing of that article. An article that prompted the Patriots to release a joint statement by the three involved denying (sort of but not really) the report. The New York Daily News is getting into the mix now as well.

According to the NYDN a source close to Belichick has mentioned that Belichick would love to leave New England to take over the Giants and that this year may be his best and last chance to do just that. The Giants do not have a head coach and are in shambles but Belichick would be given full and clear control over everything.

With Kraft apparently meddling in the operations of football and a quarterback who is apparently worried about his long-term future with his head coach, will Bill Belichick leave for NYC? This is what many Miami Dolphins fans are wondering. An early exit from the playoffs next week or in the AFC Championship could shed some light but that is two and three weeks away.

What we are going to tell you is that while Camelot may have some cracks it’s unlikely anything changes at all in New England and here is why.

First, any thought of Tom Brady retiring after this season can be put to rest. If Brady wanted Jimmy G traded then he gave assurances to Kraft that he wants to play a few more years. Brady views the Patriots as “his team” and according to the ESPN report many teammates consider him part of management and many call him “sir”. While that may seem trivial, it isn’t.

On to Bob Kraft. Unless Kraft thinks that his 20 something wife is going to run off and play with his start quarterback, Kraft isn’t going to get rid of Brady. Especially now that Jimmy G is gone. So that leaves Belichick. Kraft can’t fire Belichick. He is a God in New England and the fans would revolt. So Kraft simply needs to stand and take whatever goes on between Bill and Tom.

Finally Bill Belichick. Lets assume that there really is a rift between Bill and the other two, Tom and Bob. If the Patriots win the Super Bowl Belichick could simply walk away and let them figure out what they want to do on their own moving forward. This is an out for Belichick. In addition he can simply watch as the team struggles with Tom Brady aging and sit back and smile.

In this situation Belichick keeps his ego and more importantly can later say “I was the reason for success in NE”. Let’s face it, there are real concerns about Tom Brady being able to play at his level without Belichick.

In reality, the show will likely go on in New England and they will continue to bicker amongst themselves but if there is any truth to the report by ESPN and the NY Daily News piece then we very well may be seeing the beggining of the end in New England. That, is what has Dolphins fans buzzing for the first time in 17 seasons.