Baker Mayfield: #GetMeToMiami he says to the Dolphins?

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 01: Baker Mayfield
PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 01: Baker Mayfield /

Come April the Miami Dolphins may be looking to draft a quarterback. If Baker Mayfield has a say in it he might be the one. Is he lobbying for a selection?

When incoming players start to hint at where they want to be drafted it is usually to get into the top ten where more money can be made early. In the case of Oklahoma standout and 2017 Heisman Trophy winner, Baker Mayfield, it appears that 11 would suit him just fine.

Mayfield is going to be asked a lot of questions about a comment he made on Kenny Still’s Instagram Live chat earlier today. Mayfield commented during the live event with the hashtag #GetMeToMiami.

The question now becomes was Mayfield serious or just having a little fun? Will his fun continue through the upcoming weeks and months when the declared players begin working out and prepping for the NFL Combine or speak to the media at their private workouts. or even the upcoming Senior Bowl? Mayfield is an acquired taste. He is both athletic and has a flair for the shall we say “dramatic”.

When playing Ohio State Mayfield and beating them, Mayfield planted the Oklahoma  flag in the middle of the Buckeye field. It drew both criticism and laughs from the media. Mayfield hasn’t matured off the field but on the field he is one of the top talents.

Talented so much that the Broncos coaching staff requested he be put on their Senior Bowl team that they are coaching this year. The Broncos are in the market for a quarterback which means Mayfield may never get a chance to fall to 11 where Miami may or may not draft him.

Local media will surely get the opportunity to ask Mayfield about his hashtag comment at the Senior Bowl and if Mayfield is smart, he will give a canned answer that he was having a little bit of fun. Regardless the Dolphins should pay attention. If Mayfield does fall to them at 11, he could be the future of the franchise and has the talent level to bring Miami into a new direction.