Miami Dolphins uniform changes coming but it won’t make their fans happy

The Miami Dolphins use the throwback two times a year - it should be all the time. - Image by Brian Miller
The Miami Dolphins use the throwback two times a year - it should be all the time. - Image by Brian Miller /

The Miami Dolphins are going to change their uniforms and possibly their logo again this summer but fans shouldn’t get excited.

Typically I am never critical of what the Miami Dolphins do. I may question personnel moves or coaching hires/changes but when it comes to the Dolphins itself, I tend to let Stephen Ross handle is own entity. That isn’t the case here.

Five years ago, yes it has been that long, Miami unveiled their new logo. A logo many called a beached whale look. Six years ago I sat in on a presentation by then CEO Mike Dee and when he was asked about the new logo, the now present logo, he said fans would love the old style look but would make the classic look exactly that, classic.

Dee wasn’t my favorite executive the Dolphins have had and the unveiling of the current logo wasn’t something that thrilled a lot but then again it was so much better than that cartoon looking thing that Jimmy Johnson switched to.

So here we go again. According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins are making another change, albeit a subtle one. Or a series of subtle ones. What isn’t being done however is a complete return to the classic logo that fans love and Adam Gase wears for his press conferences.

In his article, Salguero says that his source with the NFL calls it an “evolution not a revolution” and that changes will come to the pants, helmet, and jerseys but not shocking changes. He also said that the logo will change but not in a big way.

Anything that the Dolphins and Stephen Ross do to the uniform that is not a return to the logo of the ’66 to 80’s look is a major disservice to the fan base and obviously Ross doesn’t listen to what the majority if not all of the fans want.

The worst part about all of this is that after these changes are made, the Dolphins can’t do anything for another five years which means we are stuck with these minor changes. Color me not thrilled.

Throwback jerseys have received rave reviews from the Dolphins fan base but it is going on deaf ears apparently. Who knows, maybe Ross paid off the league office to keep this change under wraps until it is released, potentially in April. Maybe we will all be surprised to learn that the minor changes were actually a huge change to the original uniforms and logo. Then again, probably not.