Former Miami Dolphins’ Jonathan Martin reportedly in custody after Instagram post

HOUSTON, TX- SEPTEMBER 09: Jonathan Martin
HOUSTON, TX- SEPTEMBER 09: Jonathan Martin /

According to at least one report, former Miami Dolphins lineman Jonathan Martin is in custody after an Instagram post threatened several including the Dolphins and his former high-school with potential violence.

With days still ticking since the shooting in South Florida, Martin posted on his Instagram account a picture of a shotgun with the names of the Miami Dolphins and his former high-school alongside the names of several people including former Dolphins Richie Incognito and current Dolphins center Mike Pouncey.

His post included the gun as well as shell casings with a message.

"“when you’re a bully victim and a coward, your options are suicide or revenge.”"

Martin as most already know left the Dolphins in what became known as “bully-gate”. Martin made serious accusations about several Dolphins players, coaches, and trainers, costing Incognito a one year absence from the NFL and psych counseling and two staff members their jobs. He would be traded to the 49’ers where his NFL career would end in a season.

The threat was taken as a serious threat by his former high-school which went on lock-down shortly after the post was made on Instagram. Martin’s story is a sad one and it is apparent the he needs to seek more help which could translate into a legal suit against the NFL and the Miami Dolphins if he can prove that his problems are linked to the bullying he claims occurred.

It’s difficult to speak openly about a subject that is this sensitive especially given recent events but Martin at one point seemed more content on making a legal push than to be suffering from any trauma that was long lasting after the reports and investigations surfaced. Martin was viewed by many as not a victim as much as someone who was o.k. with what was happening, up until he decided to walk out on the team from. Martin spent time being evaluated in a California outpatient clinic after he left the team.

Social media has been mixed in response with posts ranging from sad and hopeful that he will get help to those who not only do not support Martin but claiming he is simply trying to milk more money out of his previous situation.

Regardless, his post today was uncalled for and it is good to know the authorities have responded to the post quickly and decisively.

UPDATE: The Dolphins, according to Adam Beasley reached out to the NFL to report the post.