Miami Dolphins latest rumors and news


The Miami Dolphins have yet to make any real moves outside of Jarvis Landry’s franchise tag but things could heat up soon if the laundry list of rumors start to catch fire.

Twitter is both a wonderful one stop shopping experience and the same one stop shop that will give you food poisoning the second you ingest it. Such is the new modern world of instant gratification without all the hugs, kisses, and cuddling.

For me, vacation is supposed to be about relaxation but this trip has proven to be otherwise. My continuous refresh on Twitter has made me wonder what exactly is going on and I figured that enough is going on for me to shirk my fatherly responsibilities, grab my wife’s pink tricked out MacBook Air and get to writing. Because frankly I need to catch up. So I traded in my man card for an hour sat down at a Cape Coral, Florida coffee house and decided to get caught up.

Here we go!

Jarvis Landry

Yes it is true, the Miami Dolphins have placed the franchise tag on their slot receiver and it comes with a price of $16 million for 2018. Miami can rescind the tag at any time before he signs it. So where are we at and what does this mean?

There are two camps in this. One side believes that Landry is not thrilled with the tag and the others say he is perfectly fine with it. I know Landry wants to remain in Miami but he will not give a home-team discount but he will consider the tax laws in Florida if the numbers are close.

The most recent set of rumors (sorry I can’t seem to get on Twitter to post the Twitter posts as sources so search on Twitter for all of the info in this article. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Joe Schad, and Adam Beasley are solid sources who have made reference to things presented here.

So these rumors are that Miami and Landry are about $3 million in real money apart and that a deal is close but there are some who say it is not close but the numbers are. Miami’s last offer apparently was for $13 million so if Landry was wanting $14 it should be done soon.

Then there is the trade rumors. There are those that believe Landry’s tag is a sign of the Dolphins opening themselves for trades with a lot of speculation as to where Landry could end up. Several teams have been mentioned but honestly, I’m not buying into the trade rumors just yet.

Ndamukong Suh

Could Suh be on the way out of Miami? There was some speculation a few months ago that Suh could be dropped and that was quickly dismissed. Now that has surfaced again and Salguero mentioned it in an article two days ago (sorry I’m out of town and on someone else’s computer and it’s blocked, but it’s better than my wife’s pink Macbook).

Suh carries a $26 million cap hit and Miami could designate him a post-June 1 cut which would save  nearly $17 million but would surely leave a lot of dead money. Miami needs to realize however that Suh is not a long term solution to their defense and at some point, his salary will become much more team friendly to let him go.

Before you get upset however ask yourself if you view the Dolphins in the Super Bowl or legitimately contending for it in the next two years? If you answer no then Suh makes more sense as a release.

Cuts coming

Reports continue to circulate that Lawerence Timmons and Julius Thomas will be released before March 14th, the start of free agency. These reports are citing team sources and have been reported by several local media members as 98% for sure.

What isn’t known yet is the future of Ja’Wuan James. James still has his 5th year option picked up by the Dolphins but Miami is expected to lift the option before the league new year. Martin would count $9.6 million against the cap under the option for 2018.

The Dolphins are expected to be around $7 million over the cap when it goes into effect on March 14th so the Dolphins have a lot of work to do between now and then.

De’Vante Parker

A rumor began circulating on Thursday that the Dolphins were at least exploring a possible trade for Steelers WR Martavis Bryant. Parker was mentioned as a potential swap player but nothing more has been said about this on any front. Still with Bryant now on the market for trade, it is something to keep an eye on even if highly unlikely.