Breaking news: Jarvis Landry tells Dolphins he will sign franchise tag

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - DECEMBER 11: Jarvis Landry /

The Miami Dolphins apparently received notification from Jarvis Landry that he will be signing his franchise tag. What does this mean for Landry and the Dolphins? A lot of things.

According to a report, several of them actually, the Dolphins received word from Jarvis Landry that he will sign the franchise tag that will pay him a guaranteed one year salary of $16.22 million for the 2018 season. If of course he stays in Miami.

The signing could take place as early as tomorrow or sometime in the coming days. As Barry Jackson points out no trade is imminent but interest in the receiver is there. The question of course is with who. A Landry trade has been rumored to involve everyone from the Brown, Ravens, Bears, 49’ers, and Panthers. Those same rumors have involved draft picks and players, moving up in the draft to giving up draft picks to another team.

Landry has been the hottest topic in the media since the season ended. He is the highest profiled receiver and some in the media have reported that several teams view him as a number one wide-receiver.

There is also the possibility that Landry simply hasn’t seen the offers that he wants and realizes that $16 million this season is better than what he will get on the open market. While unlikely it is possible to see the Dolphins keep Landry for the 2018 season and while even more unlikely the two sides could work out an extension despite what some in the media are saying to the contrary.

Once the tag is signed however the Dolphins can trade Landry to whomever they want and Landry would have no say in that destination, however he can make re-signing him to a long-term deal impossible. Without that signature the Dolphins could not trade Landry if the wanted to.

Should Landry not find a trade partner or a new deal to his liking, he can still negotiate with teams when the league new year opens on March 14th. A team would have to surrender two first round picks if they sign Landry to a contract.

The Dolphins and Landry have until June to sign an extension or Landry can only play on the franchise tag. It probably will not get past the end of next week.