Dolphins and Jarvis Landry saga continues as new year inches closer

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - DECEMBER 11: Jarvis Landry /

The Miami Dolphins and Jarvis Landry still do not have an idea where this off-season will take the two of them. As the NFL’s league new year approaches, a week away, it is still unclear what will happen.

Trade rumors have quieted significantly in the last few days. It appeared, based on rumor, that the Dolphins and Baltimore had come to an agreement but that now appears to be going nowhere and it seems that the leverage swing is heading back towards the Landry camp.

Landry has told the Dolphins he will sing his franchise tag but he has not done so yet. Miami can still rescind the tag and that would make Landry a free agent come March 14th. Landry however has some power over all of this once again.

Several receivers are set to hit the open market including Allen Robinson of the Jaguars and former Bills receiver Sammy Watkins. It was originally believed that the addition of top receiver talent might keep the leverage with the Dolphins but that is not the case.

Landry is still asking for a contract in the $14 -15 million range. The Ravens may have balked at that trade because of Landry’s high demands. With Robinson and Watkins hitting the market, the belief is that teams in need of a receiver will be able to land them a few million cheaper than what Landry is asking for.

Signing the tag would not be smart for Landry because it is a one year deal and while it pays just under $16 million on the season, it is a risky play for a receiver who takes his share of hits on the field. Landry may find however that the market is not paying what he is demanding which means that he will need to come down on his price and his expectations.

As long as Landry controls the negotiations with other teams about his salary he will keep the upper hand over the Dolphins. Miami could very mean what they have said. Miami stated via a report last week, they would not rescind the tag and were prepared to keep him for one season on that tag.

For now nothing is imminent except the start of the league new year. If Landry wants out of Miami then it seems his two options are to lower his salary demands a bit or call the Dolphins bluff on the franchise tag.