Dolphins could trade Ja’Wuan James to the Broncos


The Miami Dolphins have been a hotbed of rumors regarding trades, cuts, and more in the last month and with a week left until the start of free agency, it is only going to ramp up.

Now comes word that Ja’Wuan James could be headed to Denver. There is no big rumor floating around or even discussion on a trade at this time. It’s speculation from Mike Kliss of the Denver’s channel 9 news. Kliss answered a “mailbag” of questions and someone asked about their tackle situation specifically James.

The question regarded the Dolphins potential for releasing James and whether or not the Broncos would have interest in him if released but more specifically if the Broncos could trade for James. The person asking the question posed a trade that would send Miami C.J. Anderson and a 4th round pick for James. Kliss responded with this.

"Not a bad second thought you had there. The Broncos will be in the market for a starting offensive tackle in free agency. They’d prefer a right tackle like James, who has a $9.34 million fifth-year option due next Wednesday.With Anderson due to make $4.5 million in 2018, the money difference might force the Broncos to throw in one of their extra third-round picks instead of their extra fourth.But if James is released, the Broncos would be interested in signing him as a free agent. If Anderson is released, the Dolphins would be interested in him as a free agent. So, a trade makes some sense."

So there it is. Not a rumor, nothing. It is however intriguing. Kliss is a well-connected with the Broncos but the question of whether or not he knows anything that John Elway has on the table or plans to put on the table is anyone’s guess.


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