Re-tooling Dolphins making curious moves

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 04: Danny Amendola /

The Miami Dolphins have begun retooling a roster that was in great need of an overhaul. Have they made the right decisions?

Miami is re-tooling, and while I personally would have preferred a rebuild as we’d have been truly dealing players from strength rather than weakness which was why we received little in return for Landry. I am willing to bet they turned down a better offer last season from Baltimore, but that is just my hunch, I have nothing to confirm this.

In any case, the team had to move on from its financial commitments to make room to sign free agents and it’s draft class while leaving enough money to fill whatever many of those numerous holes they could.

So they reached out to Daniel Kilgore, Josh Sitton, Frank Gore, and Brock Osweiler, all experienced players who should be capable of providing leadership, and if things break right a season or two of solid football. Miami also resigned Sam Young who provided excellent depth last season and will probably do the same in ’18. Miami also brought back fan favorite William Hayes to gobble up opponent runners as best he can.

Miami signed two WR’s in an aging Danny Amendola, and a speedy, but unproven WR in Albert Wilson. They did so at a cap savings of about $4M over what Jarvis Landry wanted, and received two draft picks in return. This could really turn out to be a feast or famine decision. Amendola if healthy, and that’s a big IF, can provide a lot of what went to Cleveland. Wilson is more of a wildcard. Will he share time in the slot? Will he be used as primarily an outside guy in the event he beats out Kenny Stills or DeVante Parker? Or will he basically be a 4th WR? All that remains to be seen.

If those receivers prove capable of replacing Landry, and Miami lands a capable TE in the draft, while the offensive line gels, this has potential to be an exciting offense. But, relying on a bunch of 30 something’s is risky business when your business is lining up on Sunday’s and being effective.

A lot remains to be done yet this offseason but it is hard to be too optimistic that 2018 will be a major success. It feels more like stop-gaps, or placeholders until we can acquire enough picks to truly add quality youth to this roster. A lot will ride on Ryan Tannehill’s right arm because for this offense to have a chance to be good he will have to be.

We’ll see what they do in the draft on defense. We need a decent OLB in the worst way. I like the addition of Robert Quinn, but even he is not without questions. Will his back hold up? Can he stay healthy and regain his form? At least at 27, you’d hope he has some good football left, and a 4th round price feels like a steal today. In November we may feel differently.

So many changes, but one thing remains the same. We always seem to have more holes then we can fill. We’re running in place for far too long. This team needs an exceptional draft later this month to have any shot at truly competing well week to week.

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