Miami Dolphins NFL Draft day hat and no more color rush jerseys


The Miami Dolphins will hand out their team hats to their draft picks and to their families when their new player is called to the stage. They won’t be pretty.

It’s hard to imagine that the Dolphins had much say in the NFL hats being distributed during the draft to players selected. For the sake let’s hope not. This years draft hat is a thing of pure ugliness .

Nothing wrong with a little ugly. The last few years haven’t been caps I would run out and buy immediately unless I was collecting them. Of course the “Go Phins” cap is one that I might stop collecting for. Funny thing to is that Miami doesn’t even use the term “Phins”. It’s “Fins”. As in “Fins-Up”.

The NFL didn’t get that right either.

On the 19th the Dolphins will unveil their uniform tweaks and when they do, lets hope that the hat is not part of it.

Some will like the new hat as we all have varying tastes but it doesn’t suit mine by any means. Like those uniform tweaks coming soon, some will like them and some won’t. You can see a bunch of the other teams hats on this Twitter thread.

Some of note, NE – Do YOUR Job, Buf – BELIEVE, NY (creative I must say) J-E-T-S (smh). They also still have Dallas with the America’s Team underneath it. Cheatriots would have been funny and one Twitter user posted an image of the Cleveland Browns hat with the tag 0-16.

Someone at New Era should be fired.

Speaking of fired, the NFL and Nike have ended the “color rush” Thursday night uniform event. The event which in its first year disrupted those with color blindness and later hosted a green and red themed Christmas Thursday night game is no longer going to be a part of the NFL.

Teams will now have to wear their own uniforms or perhaps and alternate if they submitted one. For those of you who thought the uniforms were fun and added a touch of flair to the league you will be sad. For those of you who hated them, you won’t have to worry anymore.