Miami Dolphins 2018 regular season schedule predictions


The Miami Dolphins will know this week what the 2018 NFL schedule will hold for them but we are going to predict the schedule ahead of time.

Predicting the NFL schedule for any team is harder than predicting the outcome of the NFL Draft but that doesn’t keep anyone from trying. So we are going to try and see what makes the most sense given what we know, which at this point is nothing.

We do know that Miami will not play on Thanksgiving. A rumor surfaced yesterday on social media that all three games will feature all NFC teams for the Thanksgiving day games. That means that Miami won’t see Dallas on Thanksgiving.

Let’s just jump to the predictions and see how close we come to the real thing.

Week 1: Jacksonville Jaguars – Last year the Dolphins were supposed to open with in-state rival Buccaneers, this year it will be in-state rivals Jacksonville coming off a trip to the AFC Championship game. If a hurricane hits the NFL will be able to shift the game in-state (maybe even give both the same bye week).

Week 2: @ Cincinnati Bengals

Week 3:@ Houston Texans – two games on the road after a home opener seems to be the NFL’s MO.

Week 4: Buffalo Bills

Week 5: @New York Jets

Week 6: Chicago Bears

Week 7: @ Green Bay Packers

Week 8: Detroit Lions

Week 9: Oakland Raiders

Week 10: Bye

Week 11: @ Indianapolis Colts

Week 12: @ New England

Week 13: New York Jets

Week 14: @ Minnesota Vikings

Week 15: New England Patriots

Week 16: Tennessee Titans

Week 17: @Buffalo Bills

My predictions are based on a couple of things. One, I think the Dolphins open at home and will then play two on the road because the NFL isn’t going to give Miami more than one early September home game.

Two back-to-back home games in late October, week 8 and early November, week 9 are the two weekends that make the most sense for the Miami Dolphins to host their annual Web Weekend event and both of those weekends I am out of town on a previously scheduled big family vacation so this will make it much more difficult for me to attend. Seriously it’s a valid reason if you know my history with the Dolphins scheduling of this event.

Miami and Buffalo as well as New England played twice in three weeks to end the 2017 season, I don’t think the NFL does that again but Miami should get to two back-to-back home games in the last month of the season but I think they wrap the season on the road and since the Bills and Dolphins should be in play for a Wild Card this would be a pretty good draw for the NFL.

We will know how close I come later this week.

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