Miami lands top Alabama prospect in latest mock draft


The only thing guaranteed for the Miami Dolphins when it comes to the 2018 NFL Draft is that if they stand pat at 11, they’ll be in a position to land a great player.

No one knows exactly what the Miami Dolphins are thinking in terms of next week’s 2018 NFL Draft. Will they move up? Will they trade down? Or will they simply stay put at #11 in the first round?

We’re not likely to know either until the draft is underway. While there is talk that Miami wants to move up to secure their shot at a quarterback, there are teams with a similar mindset that have more to offer in a deal than the Dolphins.

Depending on how the dominoes fall, it might be best for Miami to simply stay put with where they’re at. And that’s how we’re bringing it to you here at PhinPhanatic with our daily seven-round mock drafts. Choosing not to use the trade option, we provide you with all eight of the Dolphins current selections upcoming using the Fanspeak mock draft simulator. If Miami does, in fact, stay put at 11, they’ll be in a great position to grab a very good player. That is no different in today’s simulation.

Round 1 – Minkah Fitzpatrick – S

This is a very realistic option for Miami at pick 11. With all four of the top quarterbacks and top two linebackers already off the board, Fitzpatrick is a top prospect that could slip right to Miami. That would work just fine for the Dolphins, who wind up with one of the best safeties in this class, and who could play practically anywhere on the defense the coaching staff asks him to.

Round 2 – Mason Rudolph – QB

Miami misses out on the four horsemen of the draft, but they land a nice consolation prize here in the second round. Considered by many to be a late first round pick, there is the possibility that Rudolph could be had for the Dolphins at pick 42. Rudolph needs some work, but he has the size and arm strength teams typically look for in a quarterback prototype. He’s not afraid to run with the ball either.

Round 3 – Malik Jefferson – LB

I worry for Miami waiting past round 2 to take a linebacker, but landing Jefferson would be a nice addition in this spot. Jefferson has all the tools and mechanics, but he needs to do a better job of putting it all together. He does a good job of stuffing the run, and rushing the quarterback, but he needs to improve on his coverage skills, and tackling in the open field.

Round 4 – Ian Thomas – TE

As much as I like Dallas Goedert and Hayden Hurst, the idea of the Dolphins taking Thomas continues to grow on me more and more, which is why I’ve been mocking him to Miami quite a bit lately. Admittedly, I don’t think he’ll be available here in round 4, but he has the potential to become a strong combo tight end in the league, which Miami really needs.

Round 4 – Kendrick Norton – DT

Norton is another guy I like a lot for Miami. He’s a homegrown kid that can stuff the run tremendously, and take on double teams. I see this as a high possibility as I predict this is right around where the Dolphins will look to add a defensive tackle, and he should be available in round 4 or 5.

Round 6 – Bo Scarbrough – RB

The Dolphins were high on Derrick Henry a couple years ago, and Scarbrough has a lot of similarities to his former predecessor. If Miami doesn’t sign C.J. Anderson beforehand, Scarbrough fits the bill of what they’re looking for in an additional running back.

Round 7 – Eddy Pineiro – K

Simply put, Miami needs a kicker after watching Cody Parkey leave for Chicago in free agency. Pineiro is, arguably, the best of this class that could be taken a round or two earlier. If available in the seventh though, Miami should grab him. Pineiro missed just one field goal last season, despite not attempting many because the Gators offense was awful.

Round 7 – Sean Welsh – G

The more I look at it, the more I would like to see Miami pick up some additional picks somewhere along the way. The Dolphins still have a lot of needs, and despite improving their offensive line this off-season, they can’t afford to ignore or wait to add someone this late. The good thing about Welsh is that he can play anywhere on the line, despite not having the ideal size. He’d likely fit in best at center.

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