Miami Dolphins officially reveal new uniform tweaks

Miami Dolphins Reshad Jones wears the new solid aqua uniform - image courtesy of
Miami Dolphins Reshad Jones wears the new solid aqua uniform - image courtesy of /

A short time ago we released a photo of the Miami Dolphins white uniforms that showed off the new changes but we had yet to see the changes to the road uniforms. We can now.

The Miami Dolphins have released, officially, the new Dolphins uniforms and fans are very pleased with what they have seen. Gone is the navy blue stripes and replacing them is what I call “Dolphins Orange”.

Here is a video that the Dolphins released on social media:

The Dolphins are calling it “Historically modern” and that is very true. The addition of the darker orange on both uniforms makes the aqua stand out more and give the Dolphins a much cleaner look then they previously had since changing the logo five seasons ago.

Many fans were hoping for complete return to the classic throwback style but it is hard to imagine any pro-sports owner chucking a new design in just five years. Perhaps in another five years or maybe ten we are talking about it again but for now, there is a definite marriage that is bringing together aspects of that throwback jersey with the modern logo.

Thus far social media reactions have been very good and there are very few negative comments being made. Here are some of the reactions from the earlier reveal.

There will always be those you can’t please and only one person thus far wanted to see more of the navy blue. The fact is this, the Dolphins needed to make a change because fans have been begging for a darker orange and a return to the throwbacks. Miami will, I have been told, continue to use the throwback uniforms as many as two times a year depending on the schedule. So it is not going away.

Be sure to click the link above to check the new uniforms officially from the Dolphins:  Or just click here.