The Really Close Miami Dolphins Mock Draft


This will be my last Miami Dolphins mock draft.  From everything I have read to the actual draft being 3 days  away, here is how I see the cookie crumbling, one last time.

Before I select the Dolphins first round, I need everyone to understand how I think the first ten picks will go down.

  1. Cleveland – Josh Allen – QB – Wyoming
  2. New York Giants – Sam Darnold – QB – USC
  3. New York Jets – Baker Mayfield – QB – Oklahoma
  4. Trade Buffalo Bills – Josh Rosen –QB – UCLA
  5. Denver Broncos – Saquon Barkley – RB – Penn State
  6. Indianapolis Colts – Quenton Nelson – G – Notre Dame
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Derwin James – S – Florida State
  8. Chicago Bears – Tremaine Edmunds – LB – Virginia Tech
  9. San Francisco 49ers – Bradley Chubb – DE -NC State
  10. Oakland Raiders – Roquan Smith – LB – Georgia

So the board didn’t fall the way the Dolphins wanted it to.  All their top ranked players are off the board.
Both linebackers – gone.
Their man crush safety – gone.
All QBs – gone.

The board does have the best cornerbacks on the market and the best Left Tackle.  Both not immediate needs for the Dolphins – based on that, the Dolphins conduct the following:

TRADE – Green Bay Packers and Miami Dolphins

Packs get the 11th overall selection, Miami obtains an additional 3rd rounder and the 14th pick.

1st round – 14th overall – Minkah Fitzpatrick -DB – Alabama

  • Previous selection – Derwin James – FS – Florida State
  • The Dolphins still don’t have anyone to cover an opposing a TE. There isn’t a value add Linebacker at 14 that entices the Dolphins.  Fitz does make sense – he’s a Saban player and you know Gase is part of the Saban coaching team.  Gase was all about setting a new culture this year with his players…the match makes sense.
  • Do I agree with the pick – no. I think Fitz is over-rated. He isn’t as smooth as Derwin James, he locks his hip when back peddling which is not something you want to see in a free safety (remember Jason Allen – same issue)

2nd round – 42nd overall –  Mike Gesicki – TE – Penn State

  • Previous selection – Mike Gesicki – TE – Penn State
  • No change – the Dolphins need a legit passing catching, run blocking Tight end and Gesicki is the best Tight end in this draft class, in my eyes.

3rd round – 70th overall – Jerome Baker – LB – Ohio State

  • Previous pick – Kemoko Turary – OLB – Rutgers
  • Turary is now projected to go in the 2nd The news is out on him, he’s creeping up draft boards like Edmunds did.  Baker is the fall-back option.  Baker lacks build, but the kid can fly.  He’s your hybrid linebacker like Deon Jones.

3rd round – 76th overall – Nick Chubb – RB – Georgia

  • Previous pick – not applicable
  • With the trade with the Packers, the Dolphins get an additional 3rd rounder, with that selection they select Nick Chubb. Yes, the Dolphins signed Gore, but that will be a one year deal.  Chubb, Drake and Gore make sense for a perfect running back committee that mirrors the Philadelphia Eagles Super bowl backfield.

4th round – 104th overall – Kendrick Norton – DT – Miami

  • Previous Pick – Kendrick Norton – DT – Miami
  • I don’t see any change here. The Dolphins continue to add depth at the tackle position.

4th round – 131st overall – Chris Herndon – TE – Miami

  • Previous Pick – Troy Fumagali – TE – Wisconsin
  • The Dolphins are doubling down on tight ends. It makes sense. And the Dolphins selecting back to back “U” players.    The Dolphins need to add two legit Tight ends in this draft and suddenly have a nice rotation in two tight end sets and single high Tight end.

6th round – 195st overall – Eddie Pineiro – K – Florida

  • Previous pick – DJ Reed – CB – Kansas State
  • The Dolphins don’t have a kicker on their roster. Based on what I’ve seen in all the post, the Dolphins have brought in a lot of Florida talent to their faculties.  This kid has boot of a leg, but can he kick in the cold? We will find out.

7th round – 199th overall – Logan Woodside – QB – Toledo

  • Previous pick – Braxton Berrios – WR – Miami
  • It’s not against the Dolphins, it just the way the draft unfolded that they select a QB so late. Woodside is a definite project player, but he has a nice deep ball and he attacks the opposing team.  He needs development and the game hasn’t slowed down for him…yet.

7th round – 203rd overall – DJ Reed – CB – Kansas State

  • Previous pick – Ito Smith – RB – Southern Miss
  • Reed is actually sliding, and I don’t know why. He would be an amazing addition to our secondary and make up for the lost of Michael Thomas