Dolphins make surprise selection in latest mock draft

LEXINGTON, KY - NOVEMBER 25: Lamar Jackson
LEXINGTON, KY - NOVEMBER 25: Lamar Jackson /

With rumors circulating that the Dolphins are interested in some particular players, I’ve gone ahead and mocked one to Miami in the latest addition of our daily mock drafts.

We’re now just one day away from the 2018 NFL Draft, and that means that rumors are certainly circulating. Of course, they are rumors, and should be taken as nothing more than speculation. Sure, someone out there with their 83 different theories may turn out getting one right, but nothing is set in stone.

Nothing should be considered confirmation until we hear Roger Goodell, NFL veterans, students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, and a parrot, sound off selected names throughout the draft process. Numerous reports will be sent out until tomorrow night, and we’ve already heard a bunch in regards to the Dolphins.

That doesn’t mean that rumors aren’t interesting, however. In fact, they probably wouldn’t pick up any steam if they weren’t. One peculiar rumor roaming around for the Dolphins is in regards to a quarterback they may take at 11. In today’s daily seven-round mock draft, I’ve decided to mock this player to Miami to see what kind of board the Dolphins could end up with if they did indeed take this player.

This in no way means that I believe they’ll take this player, however. Using the Fanspeak mock simulator, I’ve used the Draft Countdown big board with NFL Mock team needs on difficult level. Here’s a look at today’s results.

Round 1 – Lamar Jackson – QB

Cue the uproar from those who don’t read. It’s unlikely, but there are those who believe that Miami is high on Jackson. What is more likely to be true is that they like him behind Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen, but ahead of Josh Allen and Sam Darnold. It does not mean that they would take him, however, should Rosen and Mayfield already be off the board.

I’m one of those that believes Jackson will be a terrific player in this league with time. So I wouldn’t be upset if they did take Jackson to sit for a while behind Ryan Tannehill. If it’s true that they like Jackson they might try to slide down a bit since pick 11 does sound a little high to take him, but there is speculation that Arizona could take him at 15.

Round 2 – Taven Bryan – DT

If you’re still reading after that first selection, thank you. I was all set here to take a LB or TE in the second round, but when Bryan fell I felt the need to snatch him up. There’s a lot of speculation that Vita Vea is high on Miami’s big board even though defensive tackle should not be the highest of priorities for the Dolphins. I’m much more willing to take Bryan here in the second, however, as Miami still winds up with a solid player on their interior.

Round 3 – Darius Leonard – LB

The Dolphins can’t wait any longer to take a linebacker, and they are very grateful for Leonard to still be available for them. Coming from a small school, Leonard could get overlooked, but he has the talent level to become a three-down outside linebacker.

Round 4 – Shaquem Griffin – LB

One knock on Leonard was his 40 time although he closes on ball carriers very well. Griffin, on the other hand, blew everyone away with his 40 time among other workouts at the Combine. If Griffin had two hands, I have no doubt that he would be a Day 1 selection. He doesn’t though, and his draft stock will fall as a result.

Some believe that even round four is too high to take him, but I think Griffin will go on continuing to prove his doubters wrong, and in a couple of years this will look like a steal selection. Adding Leonard and Griffin to Miami’s linebackers corps makes for a solid combo coming out of this draft.

Round 4 – Chris Herndon – TE

The majority of top tight ends are off the board by now so Herndon is the best option for the Dolphins at this point. The Hurricanes have always had a reputation of producing solid tight ends, most notably David Njoku, and Herndon is no different. Herndon is a terrific pass-catcher, but he needs work with his blocking. There’s a good chance that if Miami takes him they’ll want to re-sign Anthony Fasano to ensure blocking on the offensive line.

Round 6 – Akrum Wadley – RB

The Dolphins wait a little late to grab a running back in this mock, but they could do a lot worse than Wadley. Wadley benefited from some big holes, and I mean BIG, playing behind that Iowa offensive line, but he does have a terrific side step that helps him avoid tackles. He’s also very good receiving out of the backfield as he caught 28 passes last year.

Round 7 – Siran Neal – S

If Miami hasn’t selected a secondary player by now, it’s probable their representatives already have Kenny Vaccaro on the line working out terms of a deal. Neal is nice value here, however, as he has good size and speed to hang with NFL receivers. Capable of playing anywhere in the secondary, Neal is expected to be taken much earlier on Day 3.

Round 7 – Will Clapp – C

The Dolphins need some insurance on their offensive line, and they probably want to take a couple of players by the time it’s all done. If Quenton Nelson doesn’t fall in their lap at 11, however, my expectation is that it will be later on Day 3 when they decide to add some linemen. Even though they’d like to get more than one, they’re fortunate that Clapp can play both center and guard.

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