PhinPhanatic final 2018 Miami Dolphins first round prediction


The NFL Draft is here, well here in another couple of hours. The Miami Dolphins will make a pick in round one at some point and we have a prediction on who that will be.

If there is one thing I have learned over the 11 years of covering the Dolphins for this site is that no one has sources regarding what the Dolphins will do. No one. If they say they know, they don’t. They too are guessing which is exactly what I am about to do.

I’m not going to give you three names or four names that I believe will be the pick. It’s a copout. I will tell you who I think they Dolphins will draft, who I want them to draft, and who I think they should draft. So let’s get to it.

Who I want the Dolphins to draft:

Roquan Smith: This is my top guy over everyone but Baker Mayfield. The Dolphins are long overdue for a top NFL prospect at the position and having he and Raekwon McMillan manning the linebacker spots along with Kiko Alonso the Dolphins have a potentially talented and game changing unit.

Smith is ready now, he doesn’t need to be coached up or reach a ceiling. He is NFL ready. There may be speed issues to adapt to and a learning curve of some degree but he has the range and the talent to start day one.

Who the Dolphins should draft: 

Josh Rosen makes the most sense for Miami even with Ryan Tannehill starting. The Dolphins are not going to win now, sorry it is the truth. There are issues on this team that need addressed and there are questions about Ryan Tannehill’s knee that no one can answer until he is finishing up week 17.

If Tannehill comes back strong that is great for the Dolphins. They can keep him for two years and maybe find a lot of high-end value in him via trade. If he injures his knee or doesn’t play to expectations, the Dolphins now have their franchise QB on the roster learning the ropes.

Miam needs to have a solid contingency plan at quarterback not just as insurance for 2018 but for the future of the franchise. Rosen makes the most sense but Miami should not trade up for him.

Who the Dolphins will take:

When the dust settles tonight I fully expect to see Minkah Fitzpatrick holding the Dolphins jersey with the one on it. This I would be fine with. Fitzpatrick can play up as a linebacker hybrid/safety. He is an extremely talented individual who can lead after he is acclimated to the NFL.

Miami should be thrilled if he is ont he clock and he becomes an immediate impact player that Miami desperately needs on defense. The type of player that can play multiple schemes and make opposing offenses prep for.

So there it is. My final prediction for the Dolphins in round one.