2018 Miami Dolphins draft results: What went right and wrong

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The Miami Dolphins 2018 draft is complete. They will add some undrafted rookies later today and Monday but the draft is over until next year.

For all the hype in the month and months ahead of the draft, the Dolphins kept their intentions hidden deep on the second floor of their training facility. Locked behind the head coaches door and inside the draft room office that sits in the middle of the upstairs offices. Then over the weekend it came to light.

We may never know if Josh Rosen was the target for Adam Gase and company because Miami remained steadfast in their desire to not make moves up or down the draft board. They refused to sacrifice future selections in the draft and personnel to move up for a quarterback. And that says they believe Ryan Tannehill will be just fine.

For the second draft in a row we learned that the Dolphins drafted a player that they held no visits with officially. No tour of the Davie training facility and no dinner out with the coaching staff and executives. Just like Charles Harris last year.

We also know that while the Dolphins got a lot of things right with this draft they got a couple of things wrong. Not big mistakes and maybe not mistakes at all. Time will be the sole entity that makes those grades.

The biggest common thread from this years draft is that Miami wanted athletic players with high ceilings who play more than a simple role or fill a certain hole. We learned that the Dolphins were looking for players that would allow Adam Gase to run his offense with more versatility and better options. When viewed as a combination of the draft and free agency we see that the Dolphins entered the off-season with a plan to fix what was wrong internally. Now we wait to see if they actually did.

What went right.

Minkah Fitzpatrick – Round 1 – Taking Fitzpatrick was the only choice the Dolphins had. He made the most sense. Tremain Edmunds was still on the board but many believe that a combination of Fitzpatrick and T.J. McDonald could fill that position and do so with more intensity without a larger learning curve.

Fitzpatrick is a hard-hitting safety who can play all of the secondary positions equally well. He can stack the line against the run and cover the tight-end. He provides options for DC Matt Burke and he more athletic than most at his position in this draft if not all of them. More importantly the Dolphins didn’t let the hype of a quarterback interfere with their desire to let the draft fall the way it should and the quarterbacks leaving the board so quickly pushed the guy they wanted into their laps.