New Fish Tank podcast promises Miami Dolphins tales from the deep

Coming soon: The Fish Tank: Dolphins Tales from the Deep with O.J. McDuffie and Seth Levit imgage courtesy of TheFishtTank
Coming soon: The Fish Tank: Dolphins Tales from the Deep with O.J. McDuffie and Seth Levit imgage courtesy of TheFishtTank /

There will soon be a new podcast for Miami Dolphins fans to listen to and it won’t be your normal Dolphins podcast. This one, it’s going to be very good.

Starting sometime in July, The Fish Tank: Dolphins Tales From the Deep is going to debut and you will want to listen to this show. Why? Because it will be hosted by former Miami Dolphins receiver O.J. McDuffie and former Dolphins employee and current CEO of the Jason Taylor Foundation, Seth Levit.

Really though, why is this going to be a good show? For starters I have had plenty of times to shoot the bull with Mr. Levit and while I can not repeat the stories he has told me from his days with the team, I can only imagine the stories he and O.J. will share from their time with the team.

I spoke briefly via Email with Seth about the upcoming show to get a feel of what might be in store. As the shows date approaches we will “dive” a bit deeper into that tank.

Is this a daily or weekly podcast?

"We are planning a weekly podcast throughout the entire NFL season. That said, the beauty of podcasts is that we can release additional material when we feel it makes sense and will enhance the experience for our listeners."

When are you hoping to see it go live? 

"We are scheduled to post our intro show just after the Fourth of July holiday and then we will drop four full-length shows on July 17. The guest-list for those first four is fantastic!"

What brought the two of you together to do a podcast?

"OJ and I have been friends since my internship year with the Miami Dolphins back in 1996. Actually, we used to host a weekly live-chat on his personal website back in those days as well. So when Ethan Skolnick, who recently launched his Five Reasons Sports Network, contacted me about a podcast concept, it was a no-brainer for me to reach out to Juice. Once he and I began to kick around ideas, The Fish Tank was born!"

What kind of content can listeners expect? 

"Well, for starters, they can definitely expect an amazing guest list. I feel like I’ve got a pretty healthy contact list and there isn’t anyone in Dolphins Nation who won’t take OJ’s call so guys have been pretty receptive. Beyond that, they should expect a fun, relaxed atmosphere where they can almost feel like a fly on the wall as we recount some great stories that people typically don’t get to hear. One thing they should NOT expect is the hard core Xs and Os analysis. That is not our angle here. There are plenty of places people can turn to if they are looking for transactions and game to game analysis, including the 3 Yards Per Carry podcast on our own network. The Fish Tank is completely different from that model."

Will you be taking fan questions? Say email questions or will this be a live cast show that fans can call into?

"Typically the focus will be more on the interaction between OJ, myself and our guests, however there may be opportunities in the future for us to create that interaction for fans. That is part of what is so exciting for us…this is a completely new project with tremendous flexibility, all of which we feel will only enhance the experience for our listeners."

With the connections to the Dolphins that both O.J. and Seth have the guest list is going to be amazing and the fact that the focus, at least early on, will be opening up the vaults of Miami Dolphins behind the scenes stories will make for a very fun and maybe even educational show. As the podcast premier date approaches we will remind you where and how to tune in, so stay tuned!