What Miami Dolphins jersey should you buy this fall?

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - OCTOBER 22: Cameron Wake /

The Miami Dolphins will begin practicing in less than three weeks and when you show up to the training camp sessions you might want a new jersey.

Over at NFL.com they released the top 24 selling jerseys through the months of April to mid-June. Laughing was allowed as you see names like Baker Mayfield in the top 10 because well the Browns fans have to spend money on something. I do like Mayfield though. How about Jimmy Garrappolo being the number 2 seller? Or Tom Brady hanging on at number 4? Saquon Barkley by the way is number one.

While no Miami Dolphins made the top 24 and frankly that isn’t really a surprise the thought did enter the mind. If you were going to buy a new Dolphins jersey for the 2018 season, and many of you have already, who would it be and why?

Unless your name is Brian Catanzaro, who has been banned for life from buying new Dolphins jerseys, you probably won’t be buying an offensive lineman’s jersey. Of course I’m kidding about the offensive lineman jerseys. You can buy one. Cat, you can not.

Risky buy

Ryan Tannehill – Tannehill is an obvious choice but there are questions about whether you would invest over $350.00 on a new jersey with his name on it. If you do that is really showing your support but there are legit questions about his future. Consider that there is a real possibility that Tannehill could be gone in another two or three years. Still want to buy that jersey?

Good investment

Reshad Jones – Makes a lot of sense to buy a Jones jersey although I tend to want something that will still be wearable in three years and frankly I don’t see Jones in Miami in another three years. The good news is that he has done enough with his career that owning his jersey will still be relevant after he retires.

Cameron Wake – Wake is a no-brainer. Buying a Wake jersey makes sense especially since he may very well get HOF consideration. Ten years from after he retires and you could still get away with Wake on the nameplate.

Too soon

Minkah Fitzpatrick – This guy could become the best-selling jersey in another year. He is that good but his jump to the NFL, like all rookies, could take some time to surface properly. Might want to put this one in your “cart” and sit on it for a few months.

Mike Gesicki – I like this kid and frankly he would be one of my top early choices from the rookie class but alas, he is a rookie with a lot of question marks so like Fitzpatrick, it’s best to add him to the cart and wait and see.