Ranking the Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame members

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The Miami Dolphins have a lot to be proud of when it comes to the members in the Hall of Fame. Last year at this time we celebrating Jason Taylor.

This week brings football back with the annual HOF game in Canton on Thursday night. This weekend the next crop of HOF members will be inducted. Of course without Zach Thomas who should absolutely be in the Hall.

When looking at the player that represent the Dolphins it’s easy to get wrapped up in the players that are not there and should be but has anyone really tried to rank the best of the, well, best? It’s not an easy thing to do when you are talking about the uppers echelon of a franchise.

But hey, we can try right?

One of the members of the 2018 class is in actuality a former Miami Dolphin. Bobby Beathard. Beathard isn’t in there yet so we can leave him for next year. Here is how I would rank the 14 members of the Hall of Fame who played for the Dolphins for last to first.

14 – Chris Carter – Carter played one season for the Miami Dolphins and made his way into the Hall from his time with the Vikings. His 2002 season with Miami lasted five games with 66 yards receiving, one start, and one touchdown. It was his last year in the NFL.

13 – Thurman Thomas – Thomas played one season, 2000, with the Dolphins on his way out of the NFL. He played nine games and ran for 136 yards and no touchdowns. Of course his Hall of Fame credentials were already in place after years of running over the Dolphins.

12 – Bill Parcells – Parcells was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013 and while he was the Executive VP of Football Operations that wasn’t why he went to the HOF. In fact, Parcells would likely love to forget his time in Miami and frankly, so do many Dolphins fans.

11 – Junior Seau – At least Seau made an impact although his legacy is that of a San Diego Charger. From 2003 to 2005 Seau lined up for the Dolphins and brought his California workout regiment with him. Unfortunately he would finish his career with the Patriots.

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