Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill hopes to rebound today

Ryan Tannehill jogs onto practice field while Dolphins continue training camp - image courtesy of
Ryan Tannehill jogs onto practice field while Dolphins continue training camp - image courtesy of /

The Miami Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill are hoping to see a rebound from his three interception day on Thursday. He leads the team in interceptions.

Since the start of training camp, seven full practices and the eighth today, Ryan Tannehill has a total of five interceptions thus far. While a lot has been made about how shaky Brock Osweiler has been, and he has been ridiculed for it in the media, Tannehill’s shaky Thursday has put him in the lead.

In fact Tannehill’s five picks have all come in the last week of practice. Something to be alarmed about? Probably not and here is why. Tannehill is starting to get a little deeper into the offense and from what I have been told by some in the stands, he appears to be trying some different things.  He is also under pressure, consistently.

The Dolphins have kept Ja’Wuan James out of practices lately do to a muscle strain and Josh Sitton is taking days off to give his body rest. Something we didn’t think was going to happen with this group of lineman. Could be as simple as the South Florida heat getting to him. His coach says that he does not want the days or the rep rests.

Back to Tannehill, this weekend will be interesting. The team plays an inter-squad scrimmage tomorrow at Hard Rock Stadium and will run situational drills and continue to build towards their opening pre-season game against Tampa Bay a week from yesterday.

It is very unlikely that Tannehill sees but one series against Tampa so tomorrows scrimmage may be the closest thing he gets to real work until week three of the pre-season slate.

On the knee front, there is nothing at all to report. Tannehill was hit for the first time yesterday in practice and got back up with no problem. A day earlier he took a set of cleats to his shin and while he was down a second or two he shook that off as well. He does need to work on those INT’s though.

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