Dolphins Adam Gase talks scrimmage pre-snap issues

Dolphins helmets sit on a table at the teams annual "garage" sale - image courtesy of
Dolphins helmets sit on a table at the teams annual "garage" sale - image courtesy of /

The Miami Dolphins held an intra-squad scrimmage on Saturday and the results were not exactly what head coach Adam Gase had hoped for.

The scrimmage itself was a bit shorter than usual according to some who were at the event held at Hard Rock Stadium but it wasn’t the length of the scrimmage that Adam Gase was complaining about afterwards.

It was the continued pre-snap penalties.

Gase deflected questions about his overall impression of the scrimmage but did say that the team needed to clean up the pre-snap penalties that dogged the team in 2017. Miami was ranked one of the worst teams in pre-snap infractions.

If there is any good news to be taken away from the issue is that Gase believes most of the pre-snap infractions are not coming from the first team unit.

"(When you have pre-snap penalties with the first team anyway, could that have anything to do that the Kilgore-Tannehill relationship is new?) – “No because it hasn’t been those two guys. It’s usually a lot of times we’re getting a little anxious on the edges. That’s really where we’ve had any kind of issues. The ones really haven’t been an issue for us, outside that delay of game we had.” –"

Whatever Gase is trying to do to correct the issue doesn’t seem to be working. It’s a consistent problem for the offensive lineman dating back the last two years. Is it a discipline issues or something else?

Gase isn’t sure he knows.

When asked about the “most horrible, vomit-inducing” thing that Gase saw during the scrimmage he quickly said to pick one of the pre-snap penalties.

The Dolphins are preparing for their first game of the 2018 season, a pre-season contest that will be held on Thursday night at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The Dolphins will travel to Charlotte to play the Panthers a week later and then hit home for the game-like 3rd pre-season dress rehearsal.

For now, Gase needs to focus on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week and hopefully see an end to some of the pre-snap issues that are still plaguing the team.