Miami Dolphins fan profile: Introducing Bianca Jazmine

Miami Dolphins fans are eclectic, special, diverse, opinionated, and also fantastic. Like today’s fan profile, musical artist Bianca Jazmine.

Today we are doing just that and introducing South Floridian native and Miami Dolphins fan, Bianca Jazmine. Bianca is a brilliant talent who is making her name in the circles around the Miami music scene and it is time to take notice because this girl is going somewhere.

When it comes to being a Miami Dolphins fan you only have to cheer. It also helps to really hate the Patriots. And the Jets. Oh, and the Bills. Sometimes however it’s pretty cool to use this particular platform to recognize a talented individual who also happens to be a Dolphins fan.

I first became aware of her talents from her father who through his pride posted clips of her singing on social media. Robert and I follow each other so I started to pay attention at first because he is a social media friend but then because of his daughters talent.

Recently I reached out to her in an effort to find out more about her and naturally the Dolphins were a common interest but then again, why wouldn’t they be? Her father is a huge Dolphins fans and a former season ticket holder for over a decade.

Bianca agreed to do an interview with me about her passion for the Dolphins and for her music. Let me introduce you to Bianca Jazmine.

You grew up a Dolphins fan what is your favorite “Miami Dolphins” moment?

There are many moments but the one that stands out the most is one my dad and I call “the Wildcat game”. It seems like we cheered the longest and loudest for that game- even our neighbors heard us. Seeing the Dolphins beat the Patriots by thinking outside the box was so innovative.

Who is your favorite Dolphins player and why?

I’d say I have two: Jason Taylor because of his personality on and off the field. I love his involvement with the community. Also, my mom loves to fan-girl over him haha. And Ricky Williams, I love his open mind and free spirit. He’s a hippie like me!

How often do you attend Dolphins games?

My dad was a season ticket holder for 24 years just until this year. I’d usually make 1-3 games a year depending on my schedule.

You have a great musical talent, how old were you when you started singing and when did you know that it was something you wanted to do for a living?

Thank you! I have loved singing for as long as I remember, but it wasn’t until I enrolled in professional vocal lessons when I was 17 years old at Key to Music that I really went through with it as a career. That music school really helped me believe in my abilities and gave me the courage to pursue this professionally.

The above video is a sampling of her musical talent and is a promo from a previous performance. Recorded live at PGA Arts Center in West Palm Beach, Florida on April 26, 2018.

Breaking into the music business can be tough, how do you keep your focus on your goals?

As a musician, sometimes it feels as though I’m making no progress, but I think that it’s important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It’s easy to get lost in self-critical thought, but I often find solace in knowing that almost all other creative individuals seem to experience this same feeling. I stay focused by recognizing how much effort I’ve put into my career, and I fuel this motivation with my passion for music and songwriting. If your heart’s in it, having a diligent work ethic comes naturally.

You have started playing in venues across South Florida but you also are publishing some of the covers you have done, what have been some of the reactions to your songs?

People have often approached me to tell me my lyrics resonated with them. These types of reactions are my favorite because a huge part of my music is the message I’m telling. I also hear the word “soul” quite frequently when others describe me- which is completely in line with my mission of connecting to others on a soul level. It is always extremely humbling when people tear up or tell me they get chills when listening to my music. Witnessing those reactions almost feels surreal, because I never dreamt that I could elicit such strong emotions through the performance of my own original music.

Who does your music style tend to lean towards and who are some of the musical inspirations that drive you?

My music tends to speak to a younger crowd, because a lot of my music deals with making positive changes in today’s society, which is primarily driven by younger generations. That’s not to say that my music exclusively panders to a young audience though, because anyone who hears these lyrics could be inspired to impact the world in a positive way just by choosing to practice a mindset of empathy. I also explore universal themes on a more introspective level, such as self-love. Because of this, I have received a positive reaction from all demographics.

The band Twenty One Pilots has always been a source of inspiration for me, because all of their music is geared toward the idea of choosing to maintain a positive outlook despite the adversity that one might face throughout life, which is something that I also hope to convey through my songwriting. Plus, at a sonic level, the band is always pushing the boundaries of musical norms to create a truly unique blend of genres. This inspires me to experiment with new sounds and ideas that I normally would never think to combine.

Speaking of musical styles, do you write your own music or lyrics? Do you play your own instruments or do you concentrate more on the performance and vocals?

I do write my own music and lyrics! My songs are heavily based on communicating a message so creating the storyline of every song is crucial to me. I’m actually working on the final stages of my debut EP, but I will be releasing a single first very soon. I play and write music with multiple instruments including piano, ukulele, and flute, but I prefer to concentrate more on my vocal performance when playing larger live shows.

What do you want fans to know about you either personally or musically that they probably don’t already know?

I really love photography! It’s another art of mine that I practice often and helps feed the explorer in me, especially when traveling. On my social media, I’ll post photos of different beautiful places I have visited. Another fun fact, which most musicians will appreciate, is my obsession with the 6/8 time signature. Ironically, only one of my songs is written in 6/8 so far, but I instantly fall in love with any song in 6/8.

Lastly, where can our readers go to listen to your music and follow your career as it progresses?

Here’s where you can find me online:



Instagram: @BiancaJazmineMusic

Twitter: @BiancaJazmine19


Oh and you can follow Robert on Twitter

Look for original works and more from Bianca Jazmine coming soon, so watch or rather listen for it!