Three Miami Dolphins players protest racial injustice during anthem

When the national anthem began to play during Thursday night’s pre-season kick-off, three players took a stand against racial injustice.

Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase told the media earlier this week that he was staying out of the whole national anthem protest thing but three players made sure that it would remain a topic of discussion. Albert Wilson joined Kenny Stills as they took a knee for the anthem while Robert Quinn held a fist in the air.

In Philadelphia two players raised fists and a member of the 49’ers did the same. Four Jacksonville Jaguar players remained in the locker room for the anthem. The NFL sent out disciplinary guidlines to all teams during the off-season but later the NFL and the NFLPA announced that they would be working together on the issue after the NFLPA threatened an injunction.

It’s unclear if the NFL will do anything or leave it to the teams to handle. The Dolphins were at the center of controversy just before the rookie reported to camp on July 18th when they submitted their disciplinary action list to the league. That list was leaked to the media. Part of that discipline was for “conduct detrimental to the team” where they listed anthem protest as a punishment by fine and/or suspension of up to four games.

The Dolphins told the media they were directed to submit the team disciplinary guidelines and were simply submitting the league rule and had no intention of suspending players.

Kenny Stills has won the Dolphins community service award twice since arriving and has been very active in the South Florida community to help exact change and in other community areas as well.