PhinPhanatic is looking for new staff writers! Join or great network

A bag of footballs sit on the sideline untouched by Tom Brady's trainers at Hard Rock Stadium - Image by Brian Miller
A bag of footballs sit on the sideline untouched by Tom Brady's trainers at Hard Rock Stadium - Image by Brian Miller /

The Miami Dolphins season is about ready to get going and we over here at PhinPhanatic are ramping up or staff ahead of the season!

Have you ever wanted to express your thoughts and opinions? Now is a good time to do that if you have the desire to get those opinions read. The best part is you don’t have to be a “writer” to actually, you know, write.

As the editor of this site, I will walk you through the little things to get you going. When you finish and article, you simply let me know it’s ready for publication and I will look it over, edit as needed, and voila’ your articles are published.

With so many other sites out there, why Well to put is simply we are one of the oldest Miami Dolphins fan sites on the web having been up since 2007. We have the FanSided network of sports sites backing us up.

By joining PhinPhanatic you are also joining FanSided. FanSided always has opportunities for those writers who want to do more. With internal hirings throughout the year, hone your writing skills and then apply for a paid position within the network down the road. Visit for a list of all the networks sites which cover everything from the NFL to the entertainment industry.

Of course you want to know what our requirements are, right? Well you only need to submit one article per month to remain active within the site. You are able to write as often as you like however. Is there something that you are interested in about the Miami Dolphins specifically? Let me know that too and you can cover that if you desire.

Are you a social media guru? You can have access to our PhinPhanatic Twitter and Facebook pages if that is your kind of thing. These writing positions are non-paid positions but the opportunity to eventually land a paid job within the network is always possible.

Throughout the year, we also have opportunities for you as a writer to speak with former players or potentially attend team events so there are perks.

To apply, simply hit the link above and welcome to PhinPhanatic!