Miami Dolphins vs Tennessee Titans: Madden 2019 simulation

Ryan Tannehill of the Miami Dolphins leads his team in this EA Sports Madden 2017 screen grab - EA Sports Madden 2017
Ryan Tannehill of the Miami Dolphins leads his team in this EA Sports Madden 2017 screen grab - EA Sports Madden 2017 /

With the NFL season about to start, we are starting a weekly series simulating all of the Miami Dolphins matchup in the EA Sports Madden 2019 video game.

This week’s matchup featuring the Dolphins and the Titans has been looked at in a variety of different ways and it is now time to add one more vantage point to this list. EA Sports Madden 2019 simulation.

Each week, I will run a simulation of the Dolphin’s game in Madden 19, EA’s most recent Madden game. It will be a simulation with 15 minute quarters, stopped at every quarter to provide a more detailed breakdown of how the game is going.

After I breakdown the game, I will provide my prediction for the week’s game in order to compare.

Without further ado, the Miami Dolphin’s Madden season is officially underway.

1st Quarter

In the simulation, Miami started with the ball. Neither team was really able to do much in the way of offense. Both quarterbacks struggled through the air, with Ryan Tannehill completing 2 for 7 for 20 yards and Marcus Mariota finishing with 8 for 14 for 86 yards.

Neither side had a real running attack in the first quarter as Miami had 11 yards total on the ground and Tennessee had 22. With each team’s struggles, however, they both were able to drive into field goal range and put some points on the board.

At the end of the first: Miami 6, Tennessee 3

2nd Quarter 

Tennessee started the second quarter with great field position, able to capitalize and score the game’s first touchdown. Miami was able to respond two drives later with another field goal, to end the scoring for the half.

Tannehill was still inconsistent, throwing for 78 yards connecting on 8 of 17 passes. The running game rebounded a bit, as Kenyan Drake finished the half with 32 yards on 12 attempts.

Miami’s defense was the key to keeping the Titans from scoring more, as Robert Quinn racked up 1.5 sacks in the first half.

At the end of the second: Miami 9, Tennessee 13

3rd Quarter 

After a weird conversation involving a number of virtual people in a virtual studio, Miami received the second half kickoff. Tannehill was finally able to connect for a touchdown, throwing a 15 yard pass to Drake for the score.

Tennessee punted on their second drive of the quarter and Miami wrapped up the third with a missed field goal by Jason Sanders, who had been perfect at this point.

Nothing really jumped off the stat sheet in the third quarter, with the exception of Tannehill’s touchdown. On to the fourth!

At the end of the third: Miami 16, Tennessee 13. 

4th Quarter: 

Tennessee took their opening drive down the field and kicked a field goal tying the game up. Miami responded with a punt but the defense was able to force Tennessee into a 3 and out. This is coming down to the wire!

The defensive line lived up to the hype and wall over Mariota, notching two sacks.

With 53 seconds left, Jason Sanders hit the go ahead field goal. Miami’s defense was able to shut down Tennessee and seal the Dolphins victory.

At the end of the fourth: Miami 19, Tennessee 16. 

Miami was able to notch their first virtual win of the season in the simulation. The score, however, doesn’t match up to what I could see happening.

Miami should be able to move the ball more effectively than they did in the video game. Tannehill has had an amazing preseason and I see that translating into a great game on Sunday. Drake should also have a solid day and that ferocious defensive line should keep Mariota in check all day.

My prediction: Miami 24, Tennessee 14