Frank Gore moves into 4th place all-time rushing leaders

Frank Gore didn’t do much on Sunday afternoon in New York but he did enough to move from fifth to fourth on the NFL’s all-time rushing leaders list.

When it comes to Frank Gore there is no question that he wants to be a big part of the offense. Last year he rushed for over 1,000 yard for the Indianapolis Colts and through two weekends of football it doesn’t appear he will come close to matching that in 2018.

If Frank Gore is disgruntled, he is too much of a professional to show it but if he has eyes on the NFL’s third best rusher in history spot, he may not get his chances in Miami. On Sunday however, he was able to make an important jump to number four.

Moving up into the fourth spot is great but Gore did it in front of the New York Jets home crowd. The fact it was in New York is significant because the man he passed for the fourth the spot is former Jets running back Curtis Martin.

Gore currently sits at an impressive 14,112 yards eclipsing Martin’s 14,101. On Sunday Gore say only nine touches and gained 25 yards. That’s a lot less of a workload than he is used to. He contributed a 19 yard reception late in the game. That lone reception was the clinching play for the Dolphins victory.

Can Gore make it into third place? It’s not impossible. He wants to play beyond the 2018 season  but will he want to remain with the Dolphins? Gore is currently 1,157 yards behind Barry Sanders on the all-time list. That is a reachable milestone with the proper touches. He would need 2,612 yards to pass Walter Payton and that is a lot less likely given that he may have one year beyond this season. Reaching Emmitt Smith’s 18,355 is near impossible.

Regardless, Gore has etched his name in NFL history or rather continues to etch his name in history. Congratulations for another milestone in your career.