Miami Dolphins week four PhinPhanatic staff predictions


The Miami Dolphins will visit their division rivals New England Patriots this Sunday and the PhinPhatic staff gives your our final score predictions.

This week we asked the staff of PhinPhanatic to give us their predictions heading into Sunday. The Dolphins continue to impress while the Patriots continue to struggle. Here are our predictions for Sunday.

Sean Diggity

The surging, 3-0 Dolphins will face their biggest challenge yet as they go into Foxboro to face the 1-2 Patriots. The Pats might be slumping, but I’m not going to underestimate the team who has won the division every year since 2008. The teams will trade punches for most of the game and points will be somewhat scarce. In a barn burner, the Fins will prevail after an overall defensive slug fest helps seal the win in overtime.

Dolphins: 20 Patriots: 17 (Overtime)

William Levenson

The Dolphins will be coming into this game with a ton of confidence and the Pats will be as hungry as ever for a win. Playing the Pats in New England is already tough, but the Pats rarely lose 3 in a row. Dolphins keep it close, but Brady and the crowd are too much as they come up short and fail to remain undefeated.

Patriots 24 Dolphins 20

Brian Murray

New England has one of the worst defenses against the run this year, which will allow Gore and Drake to have successful days. The Patriots point differential is -20 against the Dolphins +23. I see the first win for the Dolphins at Gillette Stadium in the last ten years.

Miami 31 New England 20

Dale-Paul Jordan

The Pats lack identity on both sides of the ball. Maybe that will change once Julian and Josh play, but for now, they have zero to little rushing attack and everyone is stacking up on Gronk. The Dolphins are vulnerable up the middle and through the seam, which makes Gronk a factor in the passing game. However the best way to beat Brady is pressure him, all day, every day. I like what Quinn and Wake will do against two lackluster tackles.

Dolphins 23 Patriots 17

Eric Frosbutter

The Dolphins head to Foxboro with the intent of leaving with a commanding lead in the AFC East. New England is dealing with a plethora of injuries, but unfortunately, Miami is dealing with more than their fair share as well. Still, this is the best Dolphins team I’ve seen in a while that can match-up with the Patriots. I just have such a hard time picking Miami in that stadium. I truly hope I’m wrong, but I have the Dolphins falling just short this week.

Patriots 28 Dolphins 24

George Keim

The Dolphins go to Foxboro riding a 3 game winning streak. New England is in a unfamiliar situation playing a must win game this early in the season. New England’s defense is not good. Adam Gase and Ryan Tannehill take advantage of the mismatches and finally pull of a shoot out victory in New England.

Miami 37 New England 34

Nick Belotto

Miami goes into New England with a lot on the line. A win solidifies their position on top of the AFC East and proves to the NFL that they have the talent to be considered with the top teams in the league. It won’t be easy to win in New England. This Sunday, however, Ryan Tannehill will have another quality performance, Robert Quinn will have a big day, and Minkah Fitzpatrick will get his first interception of his career to ice the game for the Dolphins.

Miami, 31 New England 27

James Anderson

Two crafty coaches square off and anything can happen. The Dolphins have slipped with run defense and defending short passes, Think James White and Gronk although he is ailing. And the Pats are just down in general at a time Gase has shown some of his bag of tricks from the run game still not producing.

Dolphins 26 Pats 24

Fishin Guy

Miami Dolphins have high hopes going into New England, but they are also going without a couple of starters on the defensive line to, William Hayes and Andre Branch. If Tom Brady gets comfortable in the pocket it wont look good on the score board, but I am counting on Tannehill and company to get rolling this week in Foxboro.

Miami 31 New England 24

Gabriel Genovesi

Miami hasn’t won in New England since 2008 (Brady wasn’t the QB) and I think the losing streak continues Sunday. However, the Dolphins will stay in this game for all 4 quarters and keep it closer than they have the last 10 years. In the end, Brady and the Pats offense does just enough to win.

Patriots 27 Dolphins 24

Matt S

All signs point to this being the week that Miami breaks the Foxboro streak. Tannehill is playing better than Brady and the Dolphins have more weapons on both sides of the ball. That said, I have been a Dolphins fan long enough to know that games aren’t played on paper. Hopefully I’m wrong but I think Belicheck will draw up some blitzes, rattle the offensive line while Gronk and White continue the streak of TE/RB duos that run unfettered through our secondary.

Patriots 27 Dolphins 20

Travis Richardson

The match up is tilted in Miami’s favor for the first time that I can remember. The New England defense is slow and terrible while the Miami offense if blazing fast and smart. The Patriots lack offensive play makers while Miami suddenly have ball-hawks and headhunters. I see Miami starting slow and finishing strong while stealing their first game in New Enlgand in almost 10 years.

Miami 30 New England 14

Brian Miller

Ryan Tannehill has never won in Foxboro and the Dolphins haven’t won there since 2008 when they rolled out the Wild Cat. I’m not sure if Adam Gase has something that special up his sleeves but this “statement” game is going to be exceptionally tough. When it comes down to it, I think Bill Belichick, who doesn’t lose three in a row, will find a way.

New England 35 Miami 27