Miami Dolphins once again are bitten by the injury bug

A look through a fan at Hard Rock Stadium as the field crew preps for a Sunday game - image by Brian Miller
A look through a fan at Hard Rock Stadium as the field crew preps for a Sunday game - image by Brian Miller /

On Sunday the Miami Dolphins suffered more injuries to both sides of the ball and depth is a concern as it relates to Miami moving beyond them.

Team injuries always show why good teams win and why poor teams lose. Depth has been a real issue at multiple spots for the Miami Dolphins team for several years now. Once again the lack of depth and the injuries are showing their heads again.

This time it’s the defensive line which was changing minds on the Dolphins run stopping capability. The thin linebacker unit has not helped with that situation much either. This has led to a Sunday embarrassment on the field and raises some serious questions about how to address the injury bug.

The Offensive line, who was doing a respectable job, not great, but decent  up until Sunday. Daniel Kilgore goes out early (maybe for a while) and the line looked totally lost. Then added with the usual abandonment of the running game the New England pass rush was on. It becomes real hard to block the pass rush, when the opposing defense has no need to give a crap about the edge, due to no threat of a run. To make matters worse starting right guard was pulled from action for either poor performance or an injury in the second half of Sunday’s game, although it has not been clarified which one of those statements are true. Either way there is a serious concern for the Dolphins heath at offensive line for the following weeks.

Now to one of the Miami Dolphins strengths, the secondary, it also has injuries piling up. Reshad Jones has not been able to shake the shoulder injury that has kept him off the field for a few weeks now, and down goes the starting corner back in one Bobby McCain with a reported knee injury and the Dolphins strength is now a serious issue.

The Miami Dolphins are going to find it very difficult to compete against anyone at this point being so thin everywhere. It’s gonna take a miracle to even field a decent team next week to compete with the hot Cincinnati Bengals.

Not only does this Miami Dolphins team need to figure out better game planning and execution on both sides of the ball, but now they need to figure out who is going to be available and who can effectively get the job done. Someone better find a giant can of Raid and stomp this injury bug out, before it brings the entire regime to it knees and the Miami Dolphins are looking to start completely over again.