Has the leader of the Miami Dolphins wore out his welcome

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - AUGUST 17: Head coach Adam Gase of the Miami Dolphins looks on during a preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens at Hard Rock Stadium on August 17, 2017 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
MIAMI GARDENS, FL - AUGUST 17: Head coach Adam Gase of the Miami Dolphins looks on during a preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens at Hard Rock Stadium on August 17, 2017 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

Has the leader of the Miami Dolphins, Adam Gase, worn out his welcome with the fans of the Dolphins?

As the rain cloud above my head finally started to disperse from last Thursday nights debacle, I find myself watching head coach Adam Gase speak at the podium and I’m hearing the usual stuff. Adam Gase has a tendency to blow things off that he finds uninteresting or dumb, he usually throws in a sarcastic funny answer or a real short one-liner that’s very direct and to the point. But, every now and then he gets asked a question that he finds intriguing and you get a glimpse within, as he cracks open that always shut door into what he is all about.

I cannot truly understand the pressures that come with being an NFL (Not-For-Long) head coach. All the crazy characters of the organization that you are in charge of, from the coaches to the players to all the behind the scenes employees no one outside the organization even knows is there doing something. The comments you must block out that I’m sure you hear throughout the day from media outlets or social media sites, while still trying to stay positive and continue moving forward. I’m sure it’s a challenge to address the questions from the media constantly and not look at someone while flipping them off and telling them to kiss your !@#$. This must take some real patients.

A lot has been said recently about head coach Adam Gase, some good, some not so good. There is definitely a divided house among the fan base and media. Most seem to blame him, for the inconsistent  season the Miami Dolphins are having right now. Some people are saying it’s not Adam Gases fault it’s the upper managements fault for the lack of roster depth on the team, some think it’s all the injuries that have taken place to a lot of the starters. It all is so exhausting.

The head coach of the Miami Dolphins is a very calm individual that stays pretty stoic on the field and very guarded off it, especially in front of the media. I rarely see him let you inside and sometimes he is a hard read when it comes to what is bothering him and what exactly makes him tick.

Just when I think I might know where Adam Gase is coming from he throws a curve ball in an answer that leaves you scratching your head. Sometimes you wonder if he is enjoying his job, does he enjoy the process or is it just another job he is getting paid for.

Then someone asks him a question and you see his eyes open up a little more and he starts rambling off an answer like this one from the Miami Dolphins press conference on Monday the 29th of October.

(When you watch games, do you watch them as a fan or do you try to scout or look at scheme or those types of things?) 

"“I think I kind of just take it in as the game is going on. There’ll be situations that come up. For me, I always know when it must have been really good because (Associate Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator Darren) Rizzi will start texting me, ‘Did you see this?’ It’s always a special teams play too. (laughter) Like the Carolina game yesterday when they take a delay of game and then they throw it to Greg Olsen and they get three points at the end of the half. Stuff like that. I guess most of us probably look at it situationally and there’ll be some times where you see a play and you’re like, ‘I wonder what that was?’ And write a note down to say, ‘Hey, watch the Rams-Green Bay game. I think I saw some stuff that Green Bay did defensively that I thought was interesting,’ as far as I might just write that down for when we play them of, ‘Hey, just a reminder to look at this.’ And then there’s a part of you that just watches it as … sometimes when you watch Kansas City, you just sit back and just watch because it just seems like they’re out there playing seven-on-seven. It’s impressive to watch.”"

What I take away from an answer like that is the man loves football, the man enjoys watching and dissecting games and just like me he is a fan of the game. This in turn leads me to believe he really loves what he does. I have no doubt in my mind that he is trying his butt off to improve this team and when he says he sees something in a play, I know he does. When he is says that he sees a unit not playing as a unit because one part is not in sync with another part, he sees the issue. I think Adam Gase understands all aspect of his football team, he has a grasp of what his team is and can do, and what it is not and what it cannot do. So, when it comes to answering some of those repetitive questions, I can see why sometimes he is short with his answer or very sarcastic. He is not a dumb man, in fact I believe him to be a very smart guy.

Some of his critics say that Adam Gase has worn out his welcome and needs to leave, or give up his play calling duties so that he can concentrate on the whole team. Was the man not brought here to run an offense? Do people really think he does not possess the knowledge to understand all aspects of his football team? With the amount of injuries that this team has tallied up, I seriously doubt any head coach could field a consistent winning team with a decimated roster like this. I do believe though, the Miami Dolphins need some better pieces in key roster spots on this team moving forward, but I think you don’t trash the leader with the vision at this point, you fill the holes and continue moving forward with continuity.

I guess I just stated what side of the fence I reside on and I have faith that as far as the head coach for the Miami Dolphins, Adam Gase is the guy. Now some other changes might be headed this way, but I do not believe the head coach is the one that needs to go.