The Miami Dolphins bye week couldn’t have come at a better time

A Dolphins helmet sits in the Miami locker room - image by Brian Miller
A Dolphins helmet sits in the Miami locker room - image by Brian Miller /

After the Miami Dolphins took a 31-12 drubbing in Lambeau Field, the bye couldn’t have come at a better time.

Time to rest up for the Miami Dolphins and time to get back some of the 18 players that have been injured this year.
The most important position, the quarterback position will hopefully get rested up for a date with the Indianapolis Colts.

You don’t have to remind many people who Andrew Luck is an elite quarterback, and in order to win a game like that you need to score points.

Something Miami didn’t do a whole lot of in the loss to Green Bay is score touchdowns. Four touchdowns as opposed to four field goals, you’re only down three points 31-28, and have a fighting chance to take down the cheese heads on their home turf.

If Ryan Tannehill can comeback and give a spark to this offense, Miami has a fighting chance against this hot Colts team. Lately Brock Osweiler has been just average. Tannehill can possibly bring the deep pass game back, and start throwing some bombs.

The most beat up position is the Wide Receiver position. It seems like players are dropping like flies. Losing Albert Wilson to a hip injury, Kenny Stills with a groin injury, Devante Parker with a shoulder injury, and Jakeem Grant with a calf injury.

This position needs to get healthy for the Dolphins if they have any shot at making the post season. If Tannehill doesn’t have weapons to throw to, it’s going to get ugly really fast.

The real question is can Tannehill comeback? He’s already missed five weeks straight, so even if he came back he would be a bit rusty, and possibly could hurt himself again if not worse than he already has.

Osweiler has not proven to be a starter. He can’t throw the deep ball, and has not been consistent enough to hang your hat on. Then again the Offensive Line has been suspect at best. This last game he was 23/37 for 213 yards and 1 interception. Not bad, but for the second straight game he did not throw a touchdown.

If your quarterback isn’t generating enough offense you will not win football games. Now of course the running game has been there with Gore having 13 carries for 90 yards. It’s about finishing drives with touchdowns and not just field goals.

Overall this team just needs to get healthy, because the schedule might get a little easier, but with all these injuries any game is hard.