Now we can start talking about the Miami Dolphins post-season chances


The Miami Dolphins have managed to stay in the playoff chase for the last few weeks but most fans don’t want to talk about it. They can now.

When it comes to talking about the Miami Dolphins playoff chances many fans have dismissed the notion as simply not going to happen. They were right. Too many things needed to happen and the game against the Patriots was a big roadblock to that happening. But Miami won on Sunday and now they are firmly in the playoff hunt.

Several things still need to happen for the Dolphins to make the post-season and one of those they control. The Dolphins must win their last three games or they will need so much help we can write it off.  Miami is in a four way tie for the sixth seed at 7-6. Here is how this breaks down.

The Ravens still hold the sixth seed but their loss to the Chiefs brougth them into the four way tie. The Colts beat the Texans to keep pace as did the Titans last Thursday night.

In the NFL the first tie-breaker is head to head but when more than one team is tied conference record is the first tie-breaker unless all the teams have played each other or played at least one of the tied teams and that one team lost to all the others.

Currently the Dolphins are 6-4 in the conference, tied with the Ravens while the Colts are 6-5 and the Titans are 5-6. Miami has two conference games on their schedule, the Jaguars and the Bills.

The remaining schedules for each team in the playoff chase with Miami will determine what Miami needs to have happen.

Ravens: Next week the Ravens will play the Buccaneers at home and that should be a win for the Ravens. The biggest challenge to the Ravens playoff chances will come in week 16 when they face the Chargers in Los Angeles. The Ravens will wrap their season at home against the Browns who are playing solid football at the moment.

Colts: The Colts will play a tough Dallas Cowboys team who have been surging since the trade for Amari Cooper and are boasting a very good defense. In week 16 they play at home again to non-conference New York Giants. In week 17 the Colts will travel to play the Titans which will knock one of the teams completely out of the playoff picture.

Titans: The Titans will travel to New York to face the Giants in a non-conference match-up. In week 16 they will have another non-confernce game against the Redskins. The Titans will host the Colts in week 16. If the Titans can knock off the Colts and Miami wins out, they will get in