Miami Dolphins next head coach will not be flashy selection

Empty seats sit awaiting gameday at Hard Rock Stadium - Image by Brian Miller
Empty seats sit awaiting gameday at Hard Rock Stadium - Image by Brian Miller /

The Miami Dolphins have a head coaching vacancy but don’t expect a flashy name or even a flashy interview. Expect the mundane but talented.

In their entire history the Miami Dolphins have only made a couple of “flashy” hires at head coach. Some have worked and some have not. Don Shula was fresh off a Super Bowl loss and Jimmy Johnson was bringing his Dallas Cowboys resume back to his hometown. Of course there was Nick Saban and to a degree Adam Gase.

No one but Shula took the team to a Super Bowl.

This time around the Dolphins are hoping to find the right coach regardless of their flashy name or history. Many still believe that one of the Harbaugh brothers will be courted and land in Miami but either Harbaugh is going to want control over the roster and that is not how the Dolphins hierarchy is structured this time.

When the Dolphins make their final decision it will be a name like Kris Richard, Vic Fangio, or a Darren Rizzi. Recognizable names but none that carry the hype of say a Jeff Fisher in 2012. That is not a bad thing.

Sometimes the top names are retreads. Coaches who failed miserably with their previous team. There is no guarantee that hiring a head coach who has been a head coach will give you a Pete Carroll or an Andy Reid or a Bill Belichick. Most end in failure as well.

Flash works well when the pieces are in place. Adam Gase was flashy. He was the hot new OC and Stephen Ross got his top choice but that didn’t work the way he wanted it to. Gase was a good choice for Ross but the pieces were not in place. Miami didn’t have an offensive line and Ryan Tannehill was well, Ryan Tannehill.

Gase’s biggest problem was that he couldn’t use his reputation in the NFL to bring top coordinators and coaches with him. He opted to be the play caller and while Vance Joseph was o.k. as a DC the choice to promote Matt Burke was a major mistake.

This time around flash won’t likely win out because this time around there really isn’t anyone that has that top tier spark that gets people talking. Jim and John Harbaugh maybe but again, the expectation of them joining the Dolphins ended when Chris Grier was handed full control over the roster.