Miami Dolphins are hiring Brian Flores, not the Patriots


The Miami Dolphins are expected to name Brian Flores their next head coach in just over two weeks. They are not hiring the New England Patriots.

As Miami Dolphins fans watched the Brian Flores and the Patriots advance to their third straight Super Bowl on Sunday night, they marveled at the defensive scheme being called by Flores. And they want that in Miami.

Across social media fans are pointing to players like Trey Flowers as free agent additions. They look for other potential hires such as Patriots WR coach Chad O’Shea to run the Dolphins offense. They want that culture and hope that Flores can bring it with him to Miami.

So did the Lions with Matt Patricia and the Broncos before with Josh McDaniels. Every coach pilfered from the Patriots is supposed to bring the “Patriot Way” with them to their next destination. They can’t. They won’t.

It has long been speculated and to some degree over the years reported to be something of fact that Bill Belichick doesn’t give his coaching staff everything that he has knowledge of. That Belichick has more of a hand in the designed schemes and game planning than his OC’s and DC’s and one reason these coaches tend to fail elsewhere is because they don’t know what Belichick does.

Last year when McDaniels accepted then rejected the Colts job some speculated that McDaniels will eventually replace Belichick in New England. They also said that Belichick was going to open up more about how he prepares giving McDaniels more insight and knowledge.

Flores should not be expected to bring New England to Miami. He needs to bring Brian Flores. Miami shouldn’t expect Flores to be a Belichick disciple but instead a young defensive mind that could bring some twists and excitement to a defense that lacks even a small amount of identity.

When Flores takes over the Dolphins job he will need to build a culture. A culture that Adam Gase tried to build and failed. What Flores can’t do however is try to make Miami, little New England. Teams want so badly to beat the Patriots that they fail to get out of their own way and ultimately can’t do it.

Flores is going to be the Dolphins head coach. He is smart and has been calling the Patriots defensive plays but he also lacks the same level of players that the Patriots have. He will not have Bill Belichick ranting through training camp. He will not have Tom Brady running his offense.

Brian Flores is going to take over a team that is a wreck. A team that very well could trade their best player, Xavien Howard, because they feel by the time they get this turned around, Howard won’t be part of what they hope to be winning years.

Flores has a tough job ahead of him and maybe he succeeds and maybe he fails. He will fail if he tries to bring New England to the Dolphins instead of just bringing Flores. He needs to do it his way or he will simply do it the same way so many other teams and coaches have tried and ultimately failed.