Miami Dolphins allowing offensive coordinator Loggains to leave

Dowell Loggains is no longer in the Miami Dolphins future as the team has given permission for him to search for other work in the NFL.

Most media members believe that Dowell Loggains will leave the Miami Dolphins and join Adam Gase in New York as the Jets offensive coordinator. The Dolphins have given him permission to seek other employment.

Many fans don’t see this as a surprise. Loggains was with Gase in Chicago and joined him in Miami but as the Dolphins offensive coordinator Loggains did not call plays. Adam Gase did. This will likely remain the case with Loggains in New York.

Chicago Bears fans were not all that upset with Loggains leaving to go to Miami and Dolphins fans are not that concerned with him joining a rival in the AFC East. The Dolphins were not likely going to keep him around once they name Brian Flores the 13th head coach in team history.

While Loggains is on his way out nothing has been mentioned about Matt Burke’s future although it is highly unlikely that he will remain with the team. Popular opinion is that Patrick Graham, the Green Bay Packers linebacker coach will take over the defensive coordinators job once the hiring of Flores becomes official.

Miami is waiting now for the Super Bowl to conclude so they can name him their head coach. The only name that fans seem to have interest in is special teams coach Darren Rizzi who was passed over for the head coaching job.

There has not been any rumors to what might happen with Rizzi once Flores takes over. It is possible that he remains with the team.